Oct 19, 2011

the college experience

glitter shoes

The other day, my friend Mackenzie had a Facebook status posted that really inspired me. She was comparing two different types of days that we tend to experience while we are in college. Her post said,

“Starbucks on a fall day; carrying around my bag of books; birds chirping and squirrels doing whatever they do; reading said books in a classroom full of scholars while drinking my coffee
-somedays I feel so collegiate

cramming for an exam and quiz until the wee hours of the night; figuring out some way to produce 10 pages of research paper the day before it’s due; convincing myself to get up and get things done even when everything is bearing down on me
-and other days I think: WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO…”

I had to laugh at this, because I have totally experienced this myself. When I first started college, I was majoring in architecture and was of course taking a drawing class. Our assignments would be to go out and draw buildings on campus using different techniques (old campuses have such beautiful buildings!). I remember those days feeling so peaceful, I would spend hours just sitting outdoors with my drawing board and a couple of pencils. It was complete bliss.

My second year, I decided to switch my major to accounting and it was nice at first. Now I spend so much time studying, cramming, sorting out problems, and writing papers. It’s much more like the second day described. Sometimes that can make you feel really down, like “when is this ever going to stop?” I find myself looking more and more forward to the days when I no longer have exams to study for or papers to write. But then one of the girl’s from the church Mackenzie and I attend, commented in response to Mackenzie’s post. Her reply said this,

“See your second paragraph sounds just as much a part of the ‘collegiate’ life as the first! :)”

And I had to think for a minute. You know, she is completely right. It’s all a part of the college experience. We don’t get to pick and choose which pieces we want and which pieces we don’t. It’s not that simple. You take the good and the bad, you take it all. So, I think while maybe I do dread the times when I have to stay up until 3a.m. to cram for an exam, I don’t think I would trade that for anything. So I have to do this for about four years of my life. That’s actually really small in proportion to my life when you consider that I’m almost 22 years old. And hopefully it is all going to pay off in the end.

One of the most important things I always try to remind myself of is no regrets. ever. You can’t go back and change time, you can’t delete anything from the past. So why waste your time regretting it? I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that God gives us different experiences in life, some for us to cherish, and some for us to learn from. Either way, those experiences only work when they are all combined together, in one life, making each one of us exactly who we are.


  1. I feel like this a lot of the time, I am majoring in Mathematics with a Business Administration Minor. Math is quite hard the last two years of classes I find myself wanting to quit a lot of the time, but I stick to it because I really like it. I just need to study and work harder to make things better at school. Good Luck on your last semester of classes, I think I read that in another post. 

  2. You did read that, and thank you so much!  Good luck with your studies, too. It does get really hard, but whenever we are able to persevere, that's the best feeling! :)