Oct 31, 2011

Fall Essential #1 - the skinny jean

Remember last week when I said that Mackenzie and I were working a project? Well today is the official start of a series of post we are going to be sharing this week end next!

Because fall is the #1 season on both of our lists, Mackenzie came up with the idea to do a Fall Essentials list. That is, a list of the top ten pieces of style that we consider to be essentials for our closet in Fall 2011. Sounds rather sophisticated, doesn't it? So for the next couple weeks we will be posting our essentials. 10 days + 10 essentials = 10 posts. I know, I should have been a math major. But seriously, we hope that you will maybe make your own lists of what you consider to be essentials, or that you will take some style photos of your own and share them with us! The best thing about the word “essential” is that it can be a relative term. What is essential to me, may or may not be essential to you, or to the next person. Therefore, you can’t be wrong. Isn’t that nice? I love not being wrong. ;)

First up on our Fall Essentials list (which is in no particular order) is the skinny jean.

skinny jeans
Sweater: TH, Blouse: American Eagle, Jeans: Thrifted, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang, Brooch: The Old White House

Basically I’m a jean kind of girl. I’m surprised I didn’t wear jeans with my prom dress, because they are just my go to essential for anything and for any season, to be honest. Dress them up, or dress them down, they never seem to let me down. (I did not mean for that to rhyme). And the skinny part just adds to my infatuation because I am what I like to refer to as vertically challenged at a lovely 5’3” and sometimes flared jeans just don’t quite flatter me. The skinny jean definitely seems to work for most body shapes, some just require styling them with the right type of blouse to balance everything out. But that speech is an entire post in itself.

Definitely take a look at Mackenzie’s post when you get the chance because she has an entirely different set of photos from our day. And leave a comment with your 10 essentials for fall, or share some photos of how you style your skinny jeans.

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