Oct 27, 2011

saying goodbye to half my closet

Husband and I have been living in this house for almost three months now. One thing we learned about each other that we didn’t realize before marriage…we both have a lot of clothes. Now, I realize that “a lot” is a completely relative term. So let’s just say, we have a large closet, a dresser, and two chester drawers. All of the above is full. And, until Tuesday night, we each had about 3 more boxes of winter/fall clothes to unpack. I’m starting to wonder if we should sign ourselves up for some kind of clothing collectors anonymous. Or dare I use the icky term, hoarders!

I felt a little better when I realized that the main reason we had so much clothing was because it had really been years since either one of us had ever cleaned out our closets. So I started with mine. Husband’s will have to come at another time when I fully restore my energy.

closet purge

So Tuesday night, I started purging my closet. All the while I kept Kendi’s working closet concept in mind (and that awesome acronym PAOSR!). I have to admit that I might have cheated a little when it came to choosing items to toss.

I threw items out based on these terms:
-It no longer fits
-I have never worn it and never will
-It was a gift given to me that I never wore
-I couldn’t think of anything else to wear with it
-I just flat out didn’t like it anymore
-I thought of a friend/family member that could wear it better

I kept items based on these terms:
-I never wore it but I know I want to
-I could see this item in a 30 for 30 challenge
-It will fit as soon as I lose a little weight (Special K challenge is underway!)
-I could pair it with at least one item that I am wanting to add to my closet

See, I was a bit of a cheater. But I won’t tell if you don’t.

I also kept a stack of clothes that I want to put in a box to one day be opened by the daughter(s) we will hopefully have. Both Ryan and I have memories and loves for going through our parents’ things (vintage!) and sometimes wearing some of their clothes. I see this as a tradition that I want to start, so I want to make sure we have a good collection for our children one day! I just hope they love vintage things as much as we do!

At the end of the night, I had:
1. a better looking closet
2. 4 garbage bags full of clothes to get rid of (including to give to family members)
3. a box of clothes to be passed down to our daughter(s)
4. two empty drawers in one of the chester drawers!
5. and a better sense of what I need to add to my closet! (this is the A of PAOSR!)

I felt pretty good about that. Maybe in a day or two I will share with you all my results from assessing my closet, and what my lists of needs and wants are. I’m sure you can hardly wait.

And, I would just like to add that completing this task marks one goal off of my twelve before 2012 list. One down, eleven to go.

Note: I would love to share a picture of my freshly organized closet but 1. husband’s part of the closet still needs purging and 2. the lighting in there would not do it justice. But feel free to use your imagination, I don’t mind.

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