Oct 10, 2011

Well, hello.

25 Things About Me:
just a little get to know each other session
(leave yours in the comments, won't ya?)

1. I'm a brunette. And I recently chopped off about twelve inches of my hair. omg
2. I will be graduating college in May 2012 with a degree in Accounting.
3. I have plans for owning my own business one day, hopefully a cute little store. dream
4. I'm border-line obsessed with photography.
5. After I discovered the blogosphere and learned what 'styling' is, I was in love.
6. I'm married to my best friend. he's amazing
7. Small town girl. yeah
8. We have two dogs, Gracie and Tank, but they don't live with us right now. :(
9. I love reading blogs.
10. My favorite color is green. My subconscious favorite color is purple. I'll explain that later.
11. I have an Etsy shop but it's kinda on hold until graduation is over.
12. I'm definitely a Pinterest addict. But who isn't?
13. Husband and I love watching movies. Especially with Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds. (Okay, that part is just me.)
14. I love sweet tea...southern style.
15. Me + Husband = high school sweethearts.
16. By the way, we got married on July 30, 2011. yes, we are still newlyweds.
17. I used to blog here when I was promoting my Etsy shop. But a different purpose calls for different a blog.
18. Favorite food? Chocolatechip cookie dough brownies. Only the utmost of healthy choices for me.
19. I have a weardrobe account but haven't posted anything. It's on my to do list.
20. Thrifting. Enough said.
21. I do not use sarcasm. Ever.
22. I used to think I was not a shoe person. Then I stopped lying to myself.
23. My favorite season is autumn, the colors and the temperature are just perfect. bliss
24. This was our song at the wedding.
25. I like lists. In case you didn't know.

So I just wanted to give a little introductory post so you guys could get to know me. Leave me something about yourself in the comments. I know I'm supposed to categorize this blog, but as for myself I like to dip my hands in a little bit of everything (photography, crafting, design, fashion, etc.) so I don't really see why my blog should be any different if it is supposed to be a true reflection of me! Hope you enjoy. And get inspired.

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