Oct 23, 2011

why we love sundays



1. Going to church. And not just the message, but spending time with our church family and fellowshipping.

2. Most Sundays we end up going to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. And husband and I usually share a plate. We’re true romantics.

3. Breakfast. More specifically, breakfast that does not include cereal, a granola bar, or the occasional brownie.

4. Cleaning house. I mean, maybe that’s not very fun, but it feels really good after it’s all done!

5. Days when we get to spend a few slow hours browsing antique stores and the local peddler’s mall.

6. Afternoons when we get to be outdoors for hours, especially in this amazing fall weather.

7. Getting to dress up but not having it pertain to a workplace dress code. (okay, this one is just mine).

8. Having time to actually paint my nails. (also, just mine).

9. Finding good excuses to put off homework until Monday night.

10. Movie nights. In pajamas and sweats. It’s the best.


  1. i can't wait till my sundays sound like this!! lol :D

  2. lol I'm sure it will be there before you know it! :)

  3. Haha...I soooo get you on the Sunday breakfast thing! Unfortunately, Sundays are totally my homework day because I would never make it on Mondays without my catch-up!