Nov 17, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday

2011 11 17
First of all, I give full credit to the original awkward & awesome girl, Sydney because I have read her posts so many times and laughed out loud while sitting alone.

-My auditing professor that practically forces us to shout "I LOVE AUDITING" three times at the beginning of every class because she wants to increase our enthusiasm. Actually ma'am, that really just makes me dread coming to your class.
-Walking beside someone on the sidewalk that you don't know and you try to slow down to break stride, but they keep slowing down, too.
-Just the entire process of getting in and out of a car with an umbrella.
-Someone holding the door open for you when you are still so far away that you feel like you should run up to the door just so they can stop holding it.
-My boss asking me if I was pregnant because one of my co-workers gave me a hug. Um, that would be a no.
-Public restrooms. Need I say more?

-After today, I have no more exams until finals (but I'm not going to tell myself there's only three weeks 'til finals).
-Tomorrow night, I will be seeing the fourth addition to the Twilight saga with this girl, and our guys! We might be just a tad excited.
-Husband, myself, and the in-laws had Hometown Pizza last night. You guys, I seriously think it's the best pizza in the world. We're talking ooey-gooey-cheesy-goodness and the perfect thickness of crust.
-The number of compliments I get on my yellow purse with a big flower on it. Including the little girl in the van next to me in the grocery store parking lot that was banging on the window and going "I LIKE YOU FLOWER! I LIKE YOU FLOWER!"
-The Big Bang Theory. Husband and I are obsessed.
-Finding new & awesome blogs to read like pretty vintage, awkward girls, and Mr. Taylor and his lady. You girls rock.
-And, last but definitely not least: the comments you guys have been leaving fill me with so much happiness. Thanks ♥


  1. The movie you're going to see with that 'one girl' sounds AMAZING. I wish it was me .. oh wait, it is :)

    counting down the minutes starting ... now.

  2. Haha!  You're counting down minutes now? I know you've been counting down days for a while! :)

  3. no, not really minutes. I don't have time for that! I'll just say ... ONE MORE DAY.