Nov 25, 2011

Black Friday & a Christmas wishlist

You know what Black Friday means to me?
Making Christmas wishlists
Spending girl time with the ladies in my family
Dipping Dots at the mall
Finding new thrift stores downtown in our neighbor city
Hometown Pizza for lunch (& yummy cheesesticks)
Buying a lot of gifts for people

It does NOT mean…
Waiting in long lines
Knocking people down
Waking up at the crack of dawn
Going to extremes to get a particular item
Pushing people out of my way

But sometimes it does include…
Rushing to beat someone to a parking place
A trunk full of packages (there’s four of us in one vehicle)
Playing lookout for a table in the food court while others order food

Black Friday has been a tradition with the girls in my family for a long time. But we aren’t into getting up early and waiting in long lines. We actually usually try to avoid the mall until later in the day when the crowd has died down. We hit up the thrift stores and things like that before we head to the mall. And we don’t start until about 11AM. It’s not a day for crazy shopping and getting sales for us. It’s just a special day that comes once a year that is set aside for the ladies in my family to spend all day together and knock out a lot of Christmas shopping in the process. We try to avoid the craziness at all costs.

But with the spirit of all this, I decided it was time I make my Christmas wishlist. Here ya go!

2011 11 25

1. Hunter Boots in black $125.00
2. Gold glitter nail polish from Sephora $9.50
3. Creative Walls from Anthropologie $29.95
4. Statement Necklace from ModCloth $24.99
5. Empire Coat from Ruche $140.99
6. Zig Zag Dress from Sosie $43.00
7. Tan Peep Toe Heels from F21 $22.80

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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