Nov 4, 2011

Fall Essential #4 - accessories, more specifically, scarves

2011 11 04b
2011 11 04d
2011 11 05e
2011 11 04a
2011 11 04c
Blouse: Elle from Kohl's, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Mudd from Kohl's, Scarf: Francesca's, Belt: Target

The number one thing I love about scarves is that they are easy peasey. A scarf makes it completely possible to change the entire look of an outfit with hardly hand effort. And, scarves are so versatile that you can wear them different ways and even make the scarf itself look different! Maybe I should try to see how many times I can wear a scarf in one week before someone notices or says something to me?

And also, you should know that I am completely proud of this outfit and the way I was able to style that crochet infinity scarf! I won’t lie, I did practice it in the mirror before Mackenzie and I took these photos. I definitely can’t raise my arms above my head when I wear the scarf like this. But then again, who needs to wave their arms and shout “look at me” when you’re wearing a scarf like this? ;)

Happy Weekend.
P.S. You can see Mackenzie’s version of fall essential #4, here.

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