Nov 8, 2011

Fall Essential #6 - pattern

2011 11 08a
2011 11 08b
2011 11 08c
2011 11 08g
2011 11 08h
2011 11 08d
2011 11 08f
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, Tank: Gap, Jeans: Thrifted, Oxfords: Steve Madden (last fall), Scarf: TJMaxx, Clutch: gift

I'm kind of a newbie at pattern mixing. It's basically like taking a step out of my comfort zone. So I decided to go with some subtle stripes underneath my paisley cardigan, downplayed with a scarf.

When I was playing dress up and trying to decide what to wear for our "pattern" essential, I had to text pictures to Mackenzie to get her approval because the pattern mixing was getting to be so intimidating! At one point I ended up trying on a plaid button down with a polka dot cardigan and belted it. The color scheme was the same, but the patterns were intense. I almost went for it, but it just looked border line between fashion forward and insanity. Maybe one day I will work up enough courage to post it and find out.

I feel like there are some patterns that are just easier to pair than others, like stripes, I feel like they go with anything. So, I'm curious to know...what patterns do you like to mix?

And don't forget to check out Mackenzie's polka dots!

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