Nov 9, 2011

Fall Essential #7 - boots

2011 11 09a
2011 11 09d
2011 11 09b
2011 11 09e
2011 11 09f
Vest: Francesca's, Blouse: American Eagle, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Breckelles

Boots were the first thing I thought of when Mackenzie mentioned a Fall Essentials list to me. Between my husband and myself, I would estimate that we own about 21.5 pairs of boots. (You can blame husband for the 0.5). I just think they tend to go with anything, and the keep my legs really warm. And they hide extra layers of socks. It’s great.

Anyways, do you recognize that button down shirt? You probably saw me wear it with this essential and this one. I’m getting pretty good at this remixing stuff. At this rate, I figure I could probably do a 10 for 30 challenge with no problem. Just sayin’.

Have you seen Mackenzie's boots yet? Go there!

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