Nov 10, 2011

Fall Essential #8 - a POP of color

2011 11 10a
2011 11 10c
2011 11 10b
2011 11 10e
2011 11 10d
2011 11 10f
2011 11 10g
Sweater: Target, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Breckelles, Scarf: Thrifted

Personally I think that the “pop of color” theory works great for every season, but it’s particularly great for fall (& winter) for two reasons:

1. Darker, more neutral colors start coming out and the pop of color adds a great contrast.
2. Colder weather requires more accessories and layers, so it’s that much easier to add the pop of color in a small accessory or to add it to the layers.

And there is a story as to how this scarf was purchased. Husband and I were standing in line at one of our favorite thrift/second hand stores. You might know that they put a rack of scarves right next to the check out line, only increasing my temptations (it’s hard for me to resist a good scarf). So I started browsing. Obviously, this yellow one jumped out at me. I stared at it longingly, secretly hoping that husband would say something to encourage me to purchase it, releasing all my guilt at giving in to the temptation. He didn’t. So I turned back to face the front of the line. I think the scarf must have been whispering my name because I turned back to look at it about two more times before finally giving in and casually saying to husband, “You think I should get this scarf?” And he answered, “If you want to.” SO, I took that answer and ran with it, all the way up to the cash register and then I took it home with me. It has probably become my favorite scarf just because of the color alone. Oh, and those boots? I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them everyday this week (outside of photographing the fall essentials, of course) and people are probably starting to question if I even own any other shoes. Well yes, as a matter of fact I do, next week I’m wearing oxfords all week.

Don’t forget to take a peek at Mackenzie’s pop of green!

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  1. I like this outfit! Especially your glasses :)