Nov 21, 2011

I am blank because

2011 11 21d

I got this idea from Casey Leigh who got this idea from Little Miss Momma.

I am blank because...

I am weird because...
I don't drink milk from plastic cups, and the glass has to have been in the freezer.
I don't like red sauces. (like salsa, pizza sauce, ketchup, etc.)
I have to turn the light on before I enter a room.
Dirty dishes gross me out.
I like to have Ruffles original potato chips with milk.
I keep my nail polish bottles. Like forever.
I can't stand empty hangers amongst the clothes hanging in my closet.
I get freaked out driving in the city when it's raining and all the lights are reflecting off the road.
If my hair is short, I want it long. If my hair is long, I want it short.
I am intnesely afraid of spiders, and the like.
I don't like to be in water where I can't see my feet.
I'll call someone back before I listen to the voicemail they left because I hate voicemail that much.
I have an email folder titled "facebook keepers."
I use the term "preggers" instead of pregnant, alot. Husband can't stand it.
I set my bedside clock to run ten minutes fast so I don't run late. But I know it's fast. And I do run late.

2011 11 21c

I am a bad friend because...
Sometimes I don't reply to texts until the next day. Even serious ones.
I usually only check my facebook once a week, so it takes me a long time to reply.
Sometimes I think compliments but don't actually say them.
I don't know if all of my friends know Christ.

I am a good friend because...
I'll listen to anyone and about anything. And always do my best not to judge.
I am loyal.
I love taking photos of people.
I want to see my friends succeed and feel good about themselves.
I am trustworthy and honest. Just not, brutally honest.

2011 11 21e

I am sad because...
My college classes keep getting harder and I struggle alot.
I can't please everyone.
The transmission on my car went out, and it's going to be expensive to replace.
We have several different family Christmases that are overlapping this year.
We might not be able to afford to fly out to Cali for my cousin's wedding.
I worry too much about what other people think.
There are never enough hours in the day to do what we need to do and see who we need to see.

2011 11 21b

I am happy because...
I am married to my best friend, and our marriage is great.
It's the holiday season and Christmas will be here before we know it. (Lots of good food!)
We have some really great friends that we love to be around.
I only have one day of class this week because of Thanksgiving.
Friday is a girls day out for my family.
Husband keeps wanting to look at different dog breeds on google. Maybe there's a pup in our future! :)
Everyday I get one day closer to graduation and a college degree.
We made snickerdoodles last night.
Two of my real life friends are also now my blogger friends.

2011 11 21a

I am excited for...
Christmas decorating and our first married Christmas.
Date nights and movie nights.
Getting to be creative again.
Acutally beginning to pursue my dream.
Graduating in May.
A new year with new opportunities.
Seeing my Savior's face one day.
The first snow. That hopefully comes soon!
Babies. In a few years.
Throwing someone a baby shower. Can some of my friends hurry up and get married and pregnant?
New blogger friends.
Snow man building.
Hot chocolate drinking.
Warm blanket cuddling.
Family time.
And dancing to Christmas music.


  1. Darling outfit! :) Love the boots and hat.

  2. very interesting! i love your umbrella!

  3. Thanks! I always seem to be drawn to zebra print no matter how hard I try to stay away from it because it is so "trendy"! haha

  4. Love that hat, and the umbrella!