Nov 13, 2011

marriage and bacon

**This picture is from over a year ago, but I was feeling a little
reminiscent and decided to post it.  I didn't have a DSLR yet
and we weren't even engaged, much less married!  Time flies.**

So, I have a story from last weekend that I wanted to share with you guys but I was too busy posting the fall essentials. Oops!

Sunday morning we got that extra special extra hour of sleep thanks to Mr. Daylight Savings. Just kidding, we really got an extra hour of staying up late doing absolutely nothing important and then regretting it in the morning when we were wide awake but still tired. Anyways. So husband wakes up at the same time as me, which rarely happens. When I asked him why he said because originally he was thinking he would cook breakfast, but now he had decided not to. I said, um, what? You can’t just say that you are going to cook breakfast and not follow through. If you mention it, you have to do it. I didn’t think husband would actually do it, but whenever I got out of the shower, guess what was cookin’? Bacon. And eggs. But I was just mostly excited about the bacon. Did I mention that I married the best guy ever?

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