Nov 29, 2011

a short list of likes, loves, and can't stands

2011 11 29a

I like
Making homemade pizza.
Finding a treasure in a jacket pocket from last winter.
Playing in the leaves.
Pretty patterns.
Hot chocolate.

2011 11 29b

I love
Taking photos.
Doing something creative.
Fashion and styling.
Spending time with husband.
Laughing until I cry.
Listening to Christian radio stations.
Going out to dinner with friends.
Watching movies with family.
Visits from old friends.

2011 11 29c

I can't stand
Cleaning dirty dishes. Or even touching them.
Driving in a town/city I don’t know.
Realizing I spent an entire day being lazy.
Onions. In any form. That includes onion salt.
Spiders and the like.

If you make a list like this, leave a link in the comments so I can read each and every one.


  1. I love your blog design! And I normally like onions, but when I was pregnant I HATED them, they were so repulsive to me, but it seemed like they were everywhere! It was so annoying, so I totally feel your pain.

  2. Yes cleaning dishes might be the worst thing ever! I have made a deal with my boyfriend though, he takes care of the dishes and I take the laundry! The perfect deal :D

  3. I would totally go for that, but my husband doesn't like doing dishes either. I always thought I would marry someone that would do all the dishes and I would do all the cooking, BUT my husband is a much better cook than didn't work out! haha

  4. They ARE everywhere!  It's crazy.  Maybe whenever I'm pregnant I will love them.  Who knows!

  5. I like hot chocolates too! Always had them in the winter, its so cosy... I love taking a pictures too. It's my new hobbies this year :D and watching the movies too.

    I can't stand the onions, they make me cry every time i go near them. Spiders is the one that i cannot stand, i would scream if they come near to me or in the same room as me lol...

    i love your blog, Jessica. I would love to have your support in return please?

    follow me back,


  6. Cute outfit! I love your blog! Consider me a new follower. I love your posts about your wedding. I'm doing some of my wedding parts on my blog as well. I'd love for you to check them out. 

  7. YAY! I'm so glad! Thanks for stopping by my blog!