Nov 14, 2011


2011 11 14b
2011 11 14c
2011 11 14a
Sweater: Target, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Glaze, Scarf: TJMaxx

1. I have to exams and two presentations that I am dreading this week. Well one is technically called a "quiz" but the time limit is 75 minutes and we have to answer three essay questions, so I call that an exam Mr. Professor, sir.

2. We had friends over on Saturday. That called for some major house cleaning. But now, it's just soooo clean and pretty.

3. I used to think I had an obsession with candles. Apparently husband is worse. I had to convince him to buy only one (as opposed to three) this weekend. But I kinda like that.

4. It took us a week to eat a pot of chili. Let's hope it's a while before husband wants it again. I'm a little burnt out.

5. My car is having some serious problems. I can't even drive it. We're praying that everything is fixable and isn't going to cost us a lot of money since we have Christmas coming up.

6. We had Thanksgiving dinner at our church last night. Now I'm officially ready to start decorating for Christmas. (It's so early though!)

7. I have eight more lectures to go to before this semester is over. The the countdown to the end of my final semester begins.

8. We now have curtains up in our bedroom. They replaced the extra shower curtain and sheets that had been there since we moved in.

9. There's a new Forever21 that just opened near by. Yes, I'm going.

10. My hair is now long enough to curl. Coming soon. :)

Happy Monday.

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  1. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks for stoping by and for your sweet comment. It made me smile.
    I love the simplicity and layout of your blog. Your adorable!
    Happy Blogging!