Nov 20, 2011

weekend movie

Um, yes. I did go see Breaking Dawn this weekend. Of course I thought it was good. But, I read the books first. Therefore, nothing ever measures up because they can never include all of the details. I will say that the ending was great, I thought it was the perfect point to split the movie. But, then I found out we should have stayed for after the credits because there was another scene!

Katie and I went and took our boys. They suffered through it, but never fell short of letting us know how much they didn't want to be there. The line we had to wait in to get into the theater didn't help either. Oh, and husband and I ordered a drink and our cup happened to have the Breaking Dawn cast on it. Husband was thrilled. Katie and I decided we are going to go see part two next year, just us girls. I know the boys will be really disappointed, but somehow they will survive.

I was incredibly excited though because before it started they showed the preview for The Vow. I can hardly wait for it to come out. My two favorite people are the main stars, Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. And it's from the same director that directed The Notebook. So this movie is just bound for my top five all time favorites.


  1. oh my goodness i'm soo jealous!!! and i'm sure the Vow will be amazing as well LOL

  2. Even though I said I was a tad (and that means the smallest amount of tad one girl can confess) disappointed in that movie ... I changed my mind. I know this because I already want to watch it again if it that is true it had to be uhhhh-mazing.

    And, that other movie looks awesome too. I love when there's tons of movies coming out that I actually want to see.

  3. I think I went in with low expectations, that way I'm never disappointed, haha.

  4. Ah, I'm so glad you posted this little trailer. Everything Rachel McAdams does is a must see. He's not too bad to look at for 2 hours either!

  5. You're right, Rachel always plays in great movies, especially love stories. And Channing Tatum has been a favorite of mine since I was younger, and the older he gets, the better movies he plays in and I love it! :)