Dec 29, 2011

12 by 2012 reflections


Remember this list of goals? Well the results are in.

The ones I completed:

5. Order our wedding pictures. These came in two days before Christmas, just in time for us to give some to our parents as gifts. And the CD of pictures arrived this week so hopefully I will be sharing our special day with you sometime in January.
6. Decorate our Christmas tree. We did this just 5 days before Christmas and maybe things were a little rushed, but at least we can say we did it and I got to snap a few pictures.
7. Find a plaid shirt. I had been on the hunt for this one and finally found what I was looking for. I was a little unsure of it at first, but now it's become one of my favorite shirts because of the color scheme.
8. Make a dessert from my Pinboard. Okay, I didn't post pictures of this, and I'm so sorry for that. But I did make some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Husband and I were addicted {me more so than him!}.
9. Purge my closet. This one happened early on, and I'm glad it did, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it. I think it will be in need of second round of purging soon as my style continues to change and develop as I near the end of college. Now I just need to find a way to get rid of it. Maybe a clothing swap party?

The ones I almost completed:

1. Host a party in our new house. We are have a small get togther with family and friends on New Year's Eve. We're going to have some snack foods and drinks. It's not the party I dreamed of with lots of decorations and things, but I'm sure it will nonetheless be a cherished memory.
2. Studio Project (painting and decorating). We did get the room painted. Er, my family painted the room for us while we were at work. That's as far as we made it. I still have moving, unpacking, and decorating to do for that room.
12. Starting a book about mine and husband's lives. I bought a book from Ruche, where I can just fill out about a sentence each day, it was working at first and I liked picking my favorite thing from that day and writing it down. But, not too far into it, I found that I had too much to say and it wouldn't all fit in the box. Plus, I like pictures. So, for 2012 I'm trying to come up with a new kind of book to make for our memories that can include pictures, unlimited words, and whatever else I may dream up.

The ones I did not complete:

3. Finish patching husband's jeans Yeah, this one didn't happen because I never moved my sewing machine over from my mom's house because it's part of the whole studio project that didn't get completed. I discovered it's rather difficult when one goal depends on the other.
4. Completely switch email accounts (maiden name to married name). Basically this one I just procrastinated because I dread it so much. Hopefully something in 2012 will give me the extra boost I need to do it.
10. Do a mini home tour for the blog. I have to admit that this one was somewhat intimidating, no matter how easy it seemed when I wrote it down. Hopefully I will get around to posting it after we get our wedding pictures on the walls and some things like that.
11. Bedroom furniture project. And this goal never even got started because of my indecisiveness. I just couldn't commit to a color. I just know one day it will hit me, what the perfect shade is. And if not, hopefully husband and I will be buying new furniture at some point in our lives.

5/12 Complete
3/12 Almost Complete
4/12 Not Even Started

I'll take that.


  1. I've always wanted to make a dessert from pinterest. Don't know why I haven't but chocolate cookie brownies might be where I'll start :) yumm!

  2. OH, I agree! It's so easy to just pin your little heart away and never actually make any of it. But the brownies were hard to turn down. We even went to the grocery just to get the stuff to make it at like 9pm because it looked so yummy! :)

  3. Sounds pretty good to me! Especially the cookie dough brownies :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  4. Haha, it's all about the brownies! :)

  5. I think you did pretty well on your list myself. And, those brownies sound absolutely delicious! I've been wanting to make something from pinterest but always forget. Someday I will.

    You'll get the rest checked I will vouch that college gets in the way. It's so selfish.

  6. That's so true, it's always wanting to steal everyone's time! Haha

  7. GO GIRL!  that's pretty much stinkin' awesome.  i love these kind of lists.