Dec 19, 2011

awkward & awesome - Christmas Party edition



I skipped out on the awkward & awesomes last Thursday because of finals week, and after this weekend's Christmas Party with my office, I decided an a&a post would suit it nicely.

-Not one, but two, old men that asked Katie and I if we wanted them to take our picture together whenever I was snapping a few of just her.
-Our boss. Dancing. Kind of like a chicken.
-The number of times we were dragged out to the dance floor during some oldies songs that we had never heard.
-Katie's boyfriend eyeballing one of our co-workers coming to beg us to dance, to the point that he missed grabbing his drink and knocked it over. Water went everywhere, but we didn't get dragged to the dance floor for that one.
-Music that you can't or at least shouldn't dance to.

-The chicken piccata I had for dinner. It was delish.
-Oh and did I mention, dinner & dessert were free?
-Getting all dressed up. I even tried out one of the hair-do tutorials from The Small Things blog. She's the blonde haired girl that's all over Pinterest, and believe me, she's good with hair.
-Katie video recording some of our co-workers dance moves to help them remember themselves on Monday. Only we discovered we can't show them because the video includes our commentary.
-My metallic, glittery, gold nail polish. I'm in love with it now. I love me some holiday sparkle.


  1. Watching people dance is always a riot! Just like personalities, everyone has such a unique, um, groove? 
    Glad you had fun! :)

  2. so so cute!! love the hair!!  i miss having things to dress up for!! you all are lucky! and i'm aloud to see the videos right? and i can just picture the whole incident with the eyeballing LOL :)

  3. it was a 'unique' experience to say the least. their prom night comes once a year around christmas time. and, us chaperones have some time sitting back and watching (laughing).

  4. Groove is definitely a good word for it! :)

  5. It made for quite a hilarious night!

  6. Mr. Taylor and his LadyDecember 20, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    no joke, i remember growing up dreaming of someday working and being able to have a office christmas party. but then just not show up for the rest of the year ,)
    xo TJ

  7. That's too funny. I would love to not show up for the rest of the year! haha