Dec 12, 2011

Finals Week: How to Study

This week is finals week. Blah. That basically describes how I feel. I always dread finals week because it feels like the climax of the semester, everything has been building up and then final exams generate a huge amount of stress and long hours of work. Then suddenly, the semester is over and I can hardly fathom the freedom.

I've been trying different methods for studying (I will share those with you tomorrow) and part of what I have found to work successfully is setting an alarm to study for 50 minutes, break for 10 (and blog or Pinterest). During one of those 10 minute breaks, I ironically stumbled across this lovely infographic that breaks down studying. I found some of it to be useful, but mostly, I just like looking at it. Infographics are my new found obsession.

Rasmussen College via Alltop via Pinterest

To those of you also undergoing finals week, I feel your pain. To those of you who are not, I wish I was you.

Happy Monday!


  1. This is super interesting. Wish I had seen this while in my undergrad. Good luck!

  2. Wow Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is really interesting, I loved it. Thank you! :)

  4. i tend to cram, and i'm doing that now, and i kno that's a no no lol... but  i like the study and break time idea!! :)

  5. yeah, I understand cramming!! breaks are definitely needed! :)