Dec 27, 2011

glasses are sassy

2011 12 27a

What more perfect feature to start off the Style Busters than glasses? They’re kind of like a combination of class and sass. As for me, I went through several stages of love for glasses starting from when I was really little. I think every child goes through a phase where they think glasses are ugly, and then a phase where they think glasses are awesome. Kind of like how kids tend to want braces, sometimes? Although I’ve never figured that one out.

But from about the time I was in the 7th grade, I wanted glasses. I thought they were chic, cool, grown-up, and I wanted my very own pair. It wasn’t until my second year of college that I discovered I actually needed glasses. We figured it out when husband (boyfriend at the time) discovered that I couldn’t read street signs that he could see plain as day. Seems I inherited near-sightedness from my mother. Lucky me.

2011 12 27c2011 12 27b

So, to be completely honest…I was ecstatic about going to the eye doctor, with high hopes of having to wear glasses. And sure enough, I needed them. I wore them basically every day for the first month. They kind of felt like an accessory to my outfit. But, as all new things loose their appeal overtime, I eventually got to the point where I didn’t feel like wearing them everyday. And unfortunately I’m still in that rut today.

But nonetheless, I still LOVE glasses. I think I would wear them more if I had several pairs. Maybe that will go on my Christmas wish list next year. And if you haven’t already seen the Girls with Glasses blog, you need to. They make glasses look amazing and they have the prettiest clothes.

2011 12 27d

So are you a girl that thinks glasses are sassy? Katie and I want to see your glasses! There is a linky tool below this post to link up if you do your own sassy glasses post, or even if you just want to share a picture of yourself in glasses. Make sure that you link directly to that post so that we (and others) can find it!

Tomorrow we will be featuring red.
Until then, stay sassy, classy, and wear your glasses.

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  1. You look super duper smart and classy with those glasses!

  2. i wore sassy glasses in my "geek-ish" post!! yay!! lol