Dec 29, 2011

a little pattern on pattern

2011 12 29a
2011 12 29e
2011 12 29c
2011 12 29b
2011 12 29d
Sweater: Target, Blouse: AE, Pants: LOFT, Shoes: INC, Brooch: The Old White House

Pattern Mixing. A Difficult Task.

Guess what girlies, these red shoes are making a second appearance today. I basically never want to take them off. They’re just the right amount of comfort, and they kind of scream because of their brightness. I’ve never been one to own bright colored shoes, but from now on, I will be on the hunt. No bright colored shoe is safe.

On another note, how many of you have ever tried out pattern mixing before? I’m pretty sure that I have done it. But, this morning I found myself staring at my closet blankly wondering which patterns I could mix. Should I go monochromatic? Should I wear the same pattern in a different size? Can you even wear leopard print with plaid? That one might be too much of a stretch. I guess that is what I get for lack of planning. Life is much easier when I pick out clothes the night before. So there I stood, looking at my closet, scratching my head in disbelief with my red shoes calling to me to please find something to wear with them. What goes with red shoes? Well, I’m starting to think that anything goes. As long as you make it look intentional, no one will ever know how long you spent fretting over if it goes together.

So eventually I came to this conclusion to wear stripe on stripe. And I tied in the blue pinstripe on my button down with a big blue flower. That flower was seriously a smart investment. I feel like I can pin it on a t-shirt and instantly look dressed up. Plus it’s so big, and I just love it. The red shoes were happy that they got to be a part of the ensemble today. And I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone at work today. A huge flower, pattern mixing, and red shoes with not a single other red accessory? Wowza. I stepped out big time from my little 1990’s style workplace. They were in shock. I laughed.

Whatever you do, do not forget to check out Katie's pattern mixing for today. A little zebra print with a little stripe makes for one killer of a mix. And because I forgot to mention before, Katie took all of these photographs of me for Style Busters. We scurry over to an apartment complex by our work and take these pictures during lunch. We're just hoping it takes a while for people to realize that we don't actually live over there. Weirdos.

And as always, if you have some pattern mixing of your own, leave a link in the comments!

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  1. I seriously LOVE this outfit...and you're right, that flower pin is SUPER cute. Great job pattern mixing :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  2. I concur with Annie! This outfit is so cute. I am very proud of you for taking so many risks. I need to get a flower like that. My shopping list just keeps on growing and growing thanks to you!

  3. I LOVE pattern mixing. But it can sometimes be overwhelming.  I just try to make sure at least one of the patterns is super low-key. I LOVE that flower pin by the way, it's super cute!

  4. Oh, me too, I definitely agree! And thanks for liking the flower! :)

  5. As is mine, thanks to you. Like needing patterned tights. Although I can now cross off leopard print belt.

  6. Thanks so much girl! And thanks for stopping by my blog again! :)

  7. Ive seen that pin before and that top and I LOVE them together!!! And the pattern mixing is amazing!!! Great job today girlie!! And OMG RED SHOES!!! u inspire me!!! :)

  8. Thanks so much, glad you feel inspired! :)
    I'm waiting to see you do one of these style busts! haha

  9. I'm horrible at mixing patters but it looks like you did it effortlessly! Such a CUTE outfit!
    Love your blog :)

  10. First of all, thank you so much!
    I am super glad you think it was effortless! It was actually really hard! :)

  11. i'm basically in love with your striped sweater. in love. 

  12.  Thanks! Unfortunately they don't have any more in b&w online, but the white with khaki/tan stripe is pretty, too. It's an awesome basic to have, it goes with everything!

  13. I love your flower! Your outfit looks great!

  14. um, holy cow. please shop for me! i'm lovin this outfit. and your blog. oh my!

  15. Haha, thank you so much. I shop for other people all the time, I constantly send one of my friends links to clothes I think she would like! Not sure how she feels about that, though! :)