Dec 27, 2011

next year...

Christmas 2011

{ Next year } at Christmas time I am going to...

1. Make mine and Ryan's stockings for the mantle.
2. Hang a Christmas wreath on our front door.
3. Put up some mistletoe in the doorways for extra kisses.
4. Make a tree skirt out of burlap from our wedding.
5. Add some red throw pillows to the couch.
6. Make some new ornaments to hang on our tree.
7. Decorate the mantle with more than the usual evergreen garland and lights.
8. Put bows on all of my presents.
9. Give more handmade gifts.
10. Make cookies and brownies to give out to our neighbors.
11. Send out Christmas cards.
12. Put up lights outside of our house.
13. Host a Christmas party.
14. Put the tree up sooner than 5 days before Christmas.
15. I'm going to do an ugly Christmas sweater swap with friends where we embellish ugly sweaters and then exchange them just for laughs.

a.k.a. things that didn't quite make the cut this year


  1. haha this is a good idea! you can totally just print it off next year the day after thanksgiving and get started on all of 'em. 

  2. Haha! That's a really good idea, I'll have to do that! :)

  3. Best picture EVER! So cute :)
    And I love #4! What a special way to incorporate something from your wedding.

  4. Thanks so much, hun! I think #4 will be a keepsake we could keep forever, so I really hope to get around to doing it next year! :)