Dec 30, 2011

statement tights = purple legs

2011 12 30c
2011 12 30b
2011 12 30a
2011 12 30d
Dress: LOFT (Similar Dress), Tights: Vera Wang via Kohl's (Similar Tights), Shoes: Nine West

What a co-worker said: "I’ve been noticing that you girls have been dressing awful nicely for the last couple of days, and I was just wondering is this for something? Are ya’ll going on a bunch of lunch dates, or what?”

What I thought to myself: Well, actually we both write blogs and we are in the middle of this thing called, Style Busters, so we’ve been thinking extra hard about our wardrobe ensembles as of late. So if by dates you mean each other and if by lunch you mean the time frame in which we take pictures, then, yes.

What I actually said: We’ve just been wanting to wear the clothes we got for Christmas.

What Katie actually said: We have to wear jeans and t-shirts to class, so we like to dress up whenever we come here.

Epic fail. Why is it so hard to just say that I write a blog? It’s like the intimidation factor outweighs everything else and I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not that anyone at work would be super impressed {refer to the 1990’s work reference from yesterday’s post}. But even if it wasn’t a co-worker, even if it was a friend, I still don’t think I would have blurted the secret. I think I’m going to put that on my resolutions list for 2012: take claim as a blogger.

On another note, whenever Katie first mentioned the idea of statement tights, my immediate thought was colored tights…because that’s what I own. Little did I know at the time there are more than one type of statement tights. Katie’s tights for today are patterned/textured with polka dots. Um, duh, why didn’t I think of that? I have definitely put patterned tights on my “to-get” list. Along with about 1387496218 other things.

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  1. I love your tights. Your dress. Oh, and while I'm at it I love them shoes too! I have the same issue of admitting that I am a blogger now. Maybe it's the fear or releasing the 'personal' factor of it all? Writing is very personal after all. But, eventually I think it will become easier to tell people. Just a new something in your life.

    But, have no fear I'm in the same boat here. (rhyme?)

  2. Ooh I have purple tights on today too! Love this look you can totally rock it to work to spice up your wardrobe!


  3. Haha, I really laughed out loud at that one. Yeah, it's the personal factor, I agree. One day I will tell all, though.

  4. Mr. Taylor and his LadyDecember 30, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    it's all about the statement tights girl. and you look fabulous!!
    xo TJ

  5. Bekah@IfWorkPermitsDecember 30, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    Haha I love it! The tights are so great and I love that blouse. And you are too funny to be embarrassed. I think I would be too though :)

    If Work Permits

  6. Haha, thanks! The blouse is actually a dress, which I had to keep explaining to people all day long and seeing their surprised faces.
    Oh, and I am so easily embarrassed. My flaw, my husband's amusement. :)

  7. SO. First of all : 
    I love your blog. A lot!

    Second of all:
    I have that problem, too. The one where I hide that blog. The only people that know in my "real life" about my bloggy life, is my mother and an ex boyfriend. Maybe this year, I'll come out of the bloggy closet.. maybe. ;)Third of all:
    Your colored tights are ADORABLE. I've been contemplating these mustard yellow ones, for a while. But I just can't seem to figure out what I could possibly wear WITH them...That, and I'm horribly chicken. Maybe I'll have enough courage, this year to give em a go!

  8. PS: WHAT is style busting? (can I say that? StylebustING?...stylebustering? doing the style buster thang?) Anyways, what exactly does this entail?

  9. Thank you SO much! I love that you put it as coming out of the bloggy closet, that's exactly how it is, haha!

    You should definitely just go for it with the yellow tights, if you just brave it once, it will be so much easier the next time. And you'll probably be surprised that alot of people love colored tights but are just too scared to try it, so why not let yourself be one of those that isn't scared?! Pairing it with neutrals is always a good way to go because it keeps it from being too overwhelming. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. If you want to read about the first post, you can do that here:

    But basically, we take the list from that post and wear that "trend" for the day. We kind of leave interpretation of the list to be whatever you want. If you like the trend for that day (or any day), snap a few pictures of it, post it, and link it in the comments! We just want to challenge ourselves and others to think outside of the box when it comes to looking at your own closet. :)

  11. Oh I love this!!
    And thanks for posting the link! I tried blog creeping, but I admit, I was unsuccessful.. lol. 
    Great idea!!! :)

  12. Haha, that's okay! Glad to help. Hope you consider participating!

  13. I am what you might call a colored tights wh*re. I have so many different colors, and they are fabulous. Looks great! I will admit I write a blog to many, but when it comes to work I feel I should only discuss when it's brought up... maybe because here I am writing a comment on your blog... at work... haha

  14. That's awesome! I really want to expand my collection even more. I love the pops of color and I'm starting to love the textures/patterns, too. And I am the say way at work, not discussing fashion and also commenting on others blogs during downtime. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!