Oct 31, 2011

Fall Essential #1 - the skinny jean

Remember last week when I said that Mackenzie and I were working a project? Well today is the official start of a series of post we are going to be sharing this week end next!

Because fall is the #1 season on both of our lists, Mackenzie came up with the idea to do a Fall Essentials list. That is, a list of the top ten pieces of style that we consider to be essentials for our closet in Fall 2011. Sounds rather sophisticated, doesn't it? So for the next couple weeks we will be posting our essentials. 10 days + 10 essentials = 10 posts. I know, I should have been a math major. But seriously, we hope that you will maybe make your own lists of what you consider to be essentials, or that you will take some style photos of your own and share them with us! The best thing about the word “essential” is that it can be a relative term. What is essential to me, may or may not be essential to you, or to the next person. Therefore, you can’t be wrong. Isn’t that nice? I love not being wrong. ;)

First up on our Fall Essentials list (which is in no particular order) is the skinny jean.

skinny jeans
Sweater: TH, Blouse: American Eagle, Jeans: Thrifted, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang, Brooch: The Old White House

Basically I’m a jean kind of girl. I’m surprised I didn’t wear jeans with my prom dress, because they are just my go to essential for anything and for any season, to be honest. Dress them up, or dress them down, they never seem to let me down. (I did not mean for that to rhyme). And the skinny part just adds to my infatuation because I am what I like to refer to as vertically challenged at a lovely 5’3” and sometimes flared jeans just don’t quite flatter me. The skinny jean definitely seems to work for most body shapes, some just require styling them with the right type of blouse to balance everything out. But that speech is an entire post in itself.

Definitely take a look at Mackenzie’s post when you get the chance because she has an entirely different set of photos from our day. And leave a comment with your 10 essentials for fall, or share some photos of how you style your skinny jeans.

Oct 28, 2011

carving & painting

Husband and I got some pumpkins from Happy Jack's pumpkin farm this past weekend. He wanted to carve his pumpkin and I wanted to paint. So we did. And I honestly think the carving went pretty good for a couple of first timers.

pumpkin carving
pumpkin carving
This was the most efficient way we could find to dry the paint. I was a little anxious to paint the rest, although I know you can't really tell from this photo.
And yes, Mom, to answer your question, Ryan did scoop all the guts out. I think I did contribute a scoop in the beginning though and I think I should get points for that.
painted pumpkin

Oct 27, 2011

saying goodbye to half my closet

Husband and I have been living in this house for almost three months now. One thing we learned about each other that we didn’t realize before marriage…we both have a lot of clothes. Now, I realize that “a lot” is a completely relative term. So let’s just say, we have a large closet, a dresser, and two chester drawers. All of the above is full. And, until Tuesday night, we each had about 3 more boxes of winter/fall clothes to unpack. I’m starting to wonder if we should sign ourselves up for some kind of clothing collectors anonymous. Or dare I use the icky term, hoarders!

I felt a little better when I realized that the main reason we had so much clothing was because it had really been years since either one of us had ever cleaned out our closets. So I started with mine. Husband’s will have to come at another time when I fully restore my energy.

closet purge

So Tuesday night, I started purging my closet. All the while I kept Kendi’s working closet concept in mind (and that awesome acronym PAOSR!). I have to admit that I might have cheated a little when it came to choosing items to toss.

I threw items out based on these terms:
-It no longer fits
-I have never worn it and never will
-It was a gift given to me that I never wore
-I couldn’t think of anything else to wear with it
-I just flat out didn’t like it anymore
-I thought of a friend/family member that could wear it better

I kept items based on these terms:
-I never wore it but I know I want to
-I could see this item in a 30 for 30 challenge
-It will fit as soon as I lose a little weight (Special K challenge is underway!)
-I could pair it with at least one item that I am wanting to add to my closet

See, I was a bit of a cheater. But I won’t tell if you don’t.

I also kept a stack of clothes that I want to put in a box to one day be opened by the daughter(s) we will hopefully have. Both Ryan and I have memories and loves for going through our parents’ things (vintage!) and sometimes wearing some of their clothes. I see this as a tradition that I want to start, so I want to make sure we have a good collection for our children one day! I just hope they love vintage things as much as we do!

At the end of the night, I had:
1. a better looking closet
2. 4 garbage bags full of clothes to get rid of (including to give to family members)
3. a box of clothes to be passed down to our daughter(s)
4. two empty drawers in one of the chester drawers!
5. and a better sense of what I need to add to my closet! (this is the A of PAOSR!)

I felt pretty good about that. Maybe in a day or two I will share with you all my results from assessing my closet, and what my lists of needs and wants are. I’m sure you can hardly wait.

And, I would just like to add that completing this task marks one goal off of my twelve before 2012 list. One down, eleven to go.

Note: I would love to share a picture of my freshly organized closet but 1. husband’s part of the closet still needs purging and 2. the lighting in there would not do it justice. But feel free to use your imagination, I don’t mind.

Oct 26, 2011

guess what's coming

sneek peek of next week!

I just had to share this little sneak peek. Mackenzie and I have been working on a really fun project and we are launching it next week! We’ve had so much fun preparing it. And my husband really enjoyed being dragged into it as needed. He just loves being kidnapped to take pictures for me on days when it’s perfect fall weather and the sun is out. I mean really, there is nothing better for him to do.

But back to the sneak peek...don’t forget to stop by Mackenzie’s blog, or my blog so you can find out what it is that we have been up to, starting Monday. And, if you feel inspired to participate and share your own ideas, we would love it. For reals.

Oct 23, 2011

why we love sundays



1. Going to church. And not just the message, but spending time with our church family and fellowshipping.

2. Most Sundays we end up going to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. And husband and I usually share a plate. We’re true romantics.

3. Breakfast. More specifically, breakfast that does not include cereal, a granola bar, or the occasional brownie.

4. Cleaning house. I mean, maybe that’s not very fun, but it feels really good after it’s all done!

5. Days when we get to spend a few slow hours browsing antique stores and the local peddler’s mall.

6. Afternoons when we get to be outdoors for hours, especially in this amazing fall weather.

7. Getting to dress up but not having it pertain to a workplace dress code. (okay, this one is just mine).

8. Having time to actually paint my nails. (also, just mine).

9. Finding good excuses to put off homework until Monday night.

10. Movie nights. In pajamas and sweats. It’s the best.

Oct 19, 2011

the college experience

glitter shoes

The other day, my friend Mackenzie had a Facebook status posted that really inspired me. She was comparing two different types of days that we tend to experience while we are in college. Her post said,

“Starbucks on a fall day; carrying around my bag of books; birds chirping and squirrels doing whatever they do; reading said books in a classroom full of scholars while drinking my coffee
-somedays I feel so collegiate

cramming for an exam and quiz until the wee hours of the night; figuring out some way to produce 10 pages of research paper the day before it’s due; convincing myself to get up and get things done even when everything is bearing down on me
-and other days I think: WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO…”

I had to laugh at this, because I have totally experienced this myself. When I first started college, I was majoring in architecture and was of course taking a drawing class. Our assignments would be to go out and draw buildings on campus using different techniques (old campuses have such beautiful buildings!). I remember those days feeling so peaceful, I would spend hours just sitting outdoors with my drawing board and a couple of pencils. It was complete bliss.

My second year, I decided to switch my major to accounting and it was nice at first. Now I spend so much time studying, cramming, sorting out problems, and writing papers. It’s much more like the second day described. Sometimes that can make you feel really down, like “when is this ever going to stop?” I find myself looking more and more forward to the days when I no longer have exams to study for or papers to write. But then one of the girl’s from the church Mackenzie and I attend, commented in response to Mackenzie’s post. Her reply said this,

“See your second paragraph sounds just as much a part of the ‘collegiate’ life as the first! :)”

And I had to think for a minute. You know, she is completely right. It’s all a part of the college experience. We don’t get to pick and choose which pieces we want and which pieces we don’t. It’s not that simple. You take the good and the bad, you take it all. So, I think while maybe I do dread the times when I have to stay up until 3a.m. to cram for an exam, I don’t think I would trade that for anything. So I have to do this for about four years of my life. That’s actually really small in proportion to my life when you consider that I’m almost 22 years old. And hopefully it is all going to pay off in the end.

One of the most important things I always try to remind myself of is no regrets. ever. You can’t go back and change time, you can’t delete anything from the past. So why waste your time regretting it? I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that God gives us different experiences in life, some for us to cherish, and some for us to learn from. Either way, those experiences only work when they are all combined together, in one life, making each one of us exactly who we are.

Oct 15, 2011

twelve by 2012

The other day I saw this post on Danni's blog and it is such a great idea that I just had to take part in it. The idea is to make a list of twelve goals and complete them before 2012 gets here! That seems doable to me. You see, I cracked up whenever I read Danni's post and how she used to have a 101 in 1001 list and she never finished, because guess who else is guilty of that? Yep. (You can see the incomplete list here). If you look at the end date, I technically still have another year to go, but let's be honest here. It's just like Danni said, that is just way too long of a time frame! So many of my goals have changed.

So bring on the new list! And bring on 2012!

1. Host a party in our new house

2. Studio Project (painting and unpacking)

3. Finish patching husband's jeans (It's kind of a pile now)

4. Completely switch email accounts (maiden name to married name)

5. Order our wedding pictures done!

6. Decorate our Christmas tree yay! our first Christmas together! done!

7. Find a plaid shirt (details here) done!

8. Make a dessert from my pinboard

9. Purge my closet done!

10. Do a mini home tour for the blog

11. Bedroom Furniture Project (painting/new knobs)

12. Starting a book about mine & husband's lives

I have to admit that I am a little skeptical about checking off all of these goals, but it's guidelines right? Oh and guys, feel free to encourage me a little or slap my hands if I haven't checked off even one a month from now. Thanks.

Oct 12, 2011

The Plaid Shirt

I have been looking up and down for the past week for the perfect plaid shirt (within budget). I've gotten to the point that I have decided that it is a must have, essential addition to my closet. I could even be flexible about the color, I just want to find one with the type of plaid I am looking for. Anthropologie has one but it is definitely out of my price range right now. So my search continues.

I'm begging you, if you find one, let me know! Meanwhile, here are some of the fashion bloggers that are the reason for my infatuation with this type of plaid.

via The Daybook

via My Style Pill

via Sunday Crossbow

both above images via Atlantic-Pacific

via Keiko Lynn

via Kendi Everyday

And so the search continues...

Oct 11, 2011

Musician Session - Mackenzie

Here is a session I shot with Mackenzie from MNP Creations. Mackenzie and I always have so much fun shooting together but this session was particularly fun. We went out on some land that her grandmother owns. There was a field, perfect for taking photos, as well as a gorgeous pond with a boat. Mackenzie is a musician, so much of the session focused on that. Check out her facebook page and listen to her on youtube.com.

Mackenzie 09
Mackenzie 13
Mackenzie 11
Mackenzie 15
Mackenzie 08
Mackenzie 11
Mackenzie 06
Mackenzie 07
Mackenzie 02
Mackenzie 04
Mackenzie 10
Mackenzie 09
Mackenzie 14
Mackenzie 13
Mackenzie 12

All photos are my own, copyrighted to Jessica Tingle. Please credit my blog or my flickr photostream if you share any of these photos.

Oct 10, 2011

Well, hello.

25 Things About Me:
just a little get to know each other session
(leave yours in the comments, won't ya?)

1. I'm a brunette. And I recently chopped off about twelve inches of my hair. omg
2. I will be graduating college in May 2012 with a degree in Accounting.
3. I have plans for owning my own business one day, hopefully a cute little store. dream
4. I'm border-line obsessed with photography.
5. After I discovered the blogosphere and learned what 'styling' is, I was in love.
6. I'm married to my best friend. he's amazing
7. Small town girl. yeah
8. We have two dogs, Gracie and Tank, but they don't live with us right now. :(
9. I love reading blogs.
10. My favorite color is green. My subconscious favorite color is purple. I'll explain that later.
11. I have an Etsy shop but it's kinda on hold until graduation is over.
12. I'm definitely a Pinterest addict. But who isn't?
13. Husband and I love watching movies. Especially with Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds. (Okay, that part is just me.)
14. I love sweet tea...southern style.
15. Me + Husband = high school sweethearts.
16. By the way, we got married on July 30, 2011. yes, we are still newlyweds.
17. I used to blog here when I was promoting my Etsy shop. But a different purpose calls for different a blog.
18. Favorite food? Chocolatechip cookie dough brownies. Only the utmost of healthy choices for me.
19. I have a weardrobe account but haven't posted anything. It's on my to do list.
20. Thrifting. Enough said.
21. I do not use sarcasm. Ever.
22. I used to think I was not a shoe person. Then I stopped lying to myself.
23. My favorite season is autumn, the colors and the temperature are just perfect. bliss
24. This was our song at the wedding.
25. I like lists. In case you didn't know.

So I just wanted to give a little introductory post so you guys could get to know me. Leave me something about yourself in the comments. I know I'm supposed to categorize this blog, but as for myself I like to dip my hands in a little bit of everything (photography, crafting, design, fashion, etc.) so I don't really see why my blog should be any different if it is supposed to be a true reflection of me! Hope you enjoy. And get inspired.