Jan 19, 2012

awkward & awesome


- The guy in the drive through that called me "sweetie" when he handed me my change. He was my age if not younger. Not ok.
- The guy that opened a dressing room for me and called me "ma'am." Okay, maybe that's not okay either.
- Glaring at this family across the restaurant that kept staring at me, only to realize seconds later that there is a TV right above mine & husband's booth.
- Middle aged moms that try to text while shopping in the same stores as me. Um, ma'am, you're sort of holding up traffic.
- Videos of my professor from my online class. I think she has a cold.
- My accounting class that consists of a group debate. Yeah, you heard me, we are going to debate about accounting. Woohoo!
- Going to restaurants where people you formerly went to high school with (but never really knew) are your waiter/waitress. Um, hi?
- The wind blowing my umbrella inside out about 3514656125469 times on my way to class.
- Slipping on the wet floor when I walked in. The only thing that stopped my feet from flying out from under me was the fact that they hit the bottom of the stairs and I grabbed the railing. Thankfully only one person saw me. But boy did he acknowledge the slip. "No, really I'm fine!"

- Thrifting two pairs of jeans that were on sale and scoring them both for a total price that was lower than the price of the most expensive one.
- Missing my turn because I saw a sign that said "Raising Cane's, Ahead on Right" and I was searching for it. Drive down the road to turn around and just happened to turn around right on the other side of the road from Cane's. I tell you, there is a method to my madness.
- That moment when you feel like your lips are about to crack open and bleed and then you finally find your chapstick. Priceless.
- A prompt in Sunday school where we were asked to write our own obituaries. Maybe that doesn't sound awesome, but it was definitely eye opening for me to think about what I actually want to be remembered by.
- The fact that on Monday I had NO class and NO work, a much needed break.
- Those times when I don't see husband all day and when I finally do I have so many things to say and talk to him about that dinner ends up taking over an hour because I can't eat for talking. He loves those moments too...well, I think.
- Professors that print out the slide notes for you. Thank you for saving me about $40 this semester!
- Husband fixing breakfast for dinner. And I made cinnamon toast, which he graciously thanked me for. We're so in love. Haha.
- You guys, it's almost the weekend. {does happy dance and smiles a lot}


  1. awkward: having to read your obituaries in the sunday school class... which you didn't do!! lol but i'm sure you had a good one, yea i saw you writing on both sides of the paper lol :)

    i always love these posts from you!!  they make me smile when i'm in public by myself {awkward}!! lol

  2. Haha, thanks! I'm glad you feel awkward when reading my a&a's! :)
    Yeah, my obit was so much more serious than everyone else's, I didn't want to read it! lol  I wrote on both sides though because I had two different ones going, two ways to die. Ha!