Jan 26, 2012

awkward & awesome

awkward and awesome 1/26

- Public restrooms and me wearing tights.
-Situations that convince you it's appropriate to hug someone you don't know very well. And the fact that I always feel the need to 'say' something in that situation. It never helps.
- Almost driving off from the drive thru window without my drink and the lady screaming at me to "wait!" Oh the silly embarrassment.
- A guy with extremely hairy legs raising it pants leg all the way up past his knee to itch a scratch. Must have been desperate.
- The way I've been driving this week. Really, I should apologize to people. Actually I usually do, but obviously, they never hear me.

- The fact that Princess Diaries 1 & 2 came on ABC Family Saturday morning. It was good watching old favorites again.
- The major cleaning mode I've been in lately.
- American Idol and people (like me) that only think they can sing well.
- BOGO at Penn Station. Husband loves it.
- When technology doesn't work for my professors and they let class out early.
- Jane By Design. And the way they just left me hanging on Tuesday! Is that Nick's girlfriend??? I'm crossing my fingers it's his sister.
- All of the awesome sponsor/button swaps I've been doing with other lovely bloggers! Make sure you check out that right sidebar and head over to their blogs!


  1. I've almost drove off at the drive through without my CARD! Now that is embarrassing. And, I pray and LOVE when the professor's have an oopsy and we get out early. Best days ever!

  2. Haha, thankfully I've never done that! I keep my eyes on my money! :)
    Yes, I've gotten out of 5 class periods early this week. It's been great.

  3. Hey there Jessica!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for that super sweet comment! I'm so glad I tuned you into some really cool girls.. I highly highly recommend Lynn of Hearted Girl.. I think you'll like her tons! And you know what's so cool about this whole Blogscar thing.. I didn't think that it would get the response it has generated..even from the nominees.. But all those ladies are soooo talented and I wanted them to be recognized in some way...  So truly your comment meant a lot! Many thanks!

  4. Well thanks for visiting mine too! I'm so glad it's been such a success for you, it really is a great idea!  And all of those ladies are so talented! I checked out almost every single one of their blogs and followed most of them! I love getting to be part of this amazing blogging community!

  5. First - I LOVE your awkward/awesome photo - too cute! 2nd - I HATE awkward hug situations -  I always feel the need to say something super weird/awkward as well - and then I want to crawl under a rock. And die. And 3- I haven't driven in 3 years, but I'm going to need to get back out there soon - and that is DEFINITELY going to require some apologies :)

    The Other Side of Gray