Jan 29, 2012

scripture sunday - get in the word

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I've been a little busy this weekend with homework and painting another room in our house, so I'm short on words today! I know! My second scripture sunday post and I'm already slacking. Homework kind of justifies that though, I explain to anyone that I can't do something because of homework and it automatically becomes okay. I wish it worked that way with everything.

Because I'm short on words I thought I would direct you all in the way of Mackenzie's post about getting in God's word and how we tend to struggle with that a lot. To be completely honest, I fall out of reading it a lot whenever school is heavy in session. I make up excuses, but really, none of them are good enough. It's not about whether I have enough time or not, it's about whether I have enough time for the things I want to do. And a lot of times, those things are selfish things or things that are just completely unproductive.

And I recently discovered that when I went back through my Bible and found places that I had highlighted or underlined things, I felt good about that because it was like proof that I had been really dedicated once. I think it fed to my creative self that highlighter marks and notes make it look pretty. But that shouldn't be what it's about. Yes highlighting and marking is important because it helps us remember different things or draws our attention to certain things, but if we never go back to reflect on it, what was the point?

So after reading Mackenzie's post I've decided to try and be more dedicated to reading my Bible everyday. And I'm hoping that we can encourage each other.


  1. Mr. Taylor and his LadyJanuary 30, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    oh goodness, look at all that highlighting! well, it definitely seems like you are in tune with your bible girl. you are too cute. and don't worry, we definitely understand how busy homework can be!
    xo TJ

  2. this is a wonderful goal, jessica. i have been reading the Bible every day for a while now and i'll never go back. i find it easiest to just get er dun when i first get up in the morning. if i wait till later, i'll get distracted by doing something else and it'll never get done. also, i love your thoughts here about going back and relecting on what you've studied\highlighted in times past. i'm going to have to do that sometime instead of just dont my daily mapped out portion.

  3. I was just talking to another blogger friend...about how good it feels to start off the day in God's word. AND how wonderful it would feel and what an impact it would make if we started off EACH day that way. :) 

    Wishing you a happy and BLESSED week! xo

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  4. That looks like a very well read and loved chapter!

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  5.  Yeah, I'm sure I would be much better off if I read in the morning, I usually wait and that's probably why I get so distracted.  Glad you liked the post! :)

  6. Thanks, I wish I could claim that Bible as mine, but I can't.  Mine has much less highlighting, but it would be so beautiful if it looked like that.  That's kind of my inspiration goal.  :)

  7. that looks alot like my bible expect i only underline in lime green because it doesn't show through onto other pages! btw i love love love your blog! its awesome how honestly you talk about faith! so glad i found it :)