Feb 7, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist 2012

my birthday wishlist 2012

When I was younger, my mom always used to laugh because she said that anytime I was given money for my birthday or Christmas or something, it was like it was burning a hole in my pocket. I just wanted to spend it right away.

I may or may not still be the same way.

So, I've been browsing some of my favorite sites and trying to decide what I want to spend my money on. Something that's a fashionable treat for me, for sure! I'm trying to not spend very much because I'm tucking the rest away for a trip to Red Velvet! But anyways, here's the list I'm contemplating.

1. Side by Side Colorblock top in pink from Ruche
2. Chambray Button-up from Ruche
3. Harvard Oxford Wedge from UO
4. Mustard polka dot blouse from Simply Audrey
5. Poolside Vintage Sunglasses in Clear from Ruche
6. Ultraviolet Rays Belt from Ruche
7. Juliet's Garden Floral Shorts from Ruche

clearly, Ruche has captured my heart this spring!


  1. Ohhh this is a great wish list - I love everything! I vote for the chambray shirt if you don't already have one - and that gorgeous color block top :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  2. Really cute stuff! I agree with Annie, get a chambray shirt. I wear mine with everything...I could literally wear that shirt everyday since it goes with so many different things!

    The Tiny Heart 

  3. Haha yeah, I've been eyeing the color block top and just waiting for my bday to come so I could snatch it.  And I had to laugh this morning when I read your post and you mentioned wearing your chambray shirt so much! Clearly I need one! :)

  4. Yeah, I've been seeing the chambray shirts a lot and it seems like they definitely go with everything, so I think that one is going to be a definite purchase! :)

  5. Mr. Taylor and his LadyFebruary 7, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    oh gosh, this post really has me wanting to shop. i haven't been shopping since black friday, and even then i only got one thing. boo on saving money! ha
    xo TJ

  6. Oh that polka dot blouse is so sweet!

  7. I'm in loooooove with that chambray button up!! SO CUTE.

    Just started following!


  8.  Me too! I'm thinking it's a must! :)

  9.  I know, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it!

  10.  Haha, I completely understand!  After my bday purchases it's back to saving again! Sometimes it's just fun to even browse.

  11. Oh how cute and adorable are those shorts!!!

  12. Bekah@IfWorkPermitsFebruary 8, 2012 at 5:55 PM

    That is so me! I always have to spend my money right away. Same with my hubby :) It's a good thing :)

  13.  Haha, yeah...most of the time, anyways. :)