Feb 9, 2012

like mother, like daughter

me & mom

Today is my lovely mother's birthday (even if she doesn't want anyone to know it). She's such a beautiful and inspiring woman. Ryan and I have had so much fun ever since we have been married by pointing out to each other things that I do like my mom or things that he does like his dad. I think the older I get, the more I realize how much me & her are alike.

- We can buy a 12oz. can of soda and make it last through an entire work day.
- We love to tell long-winded, detailed stories. And probably will tell them to you on multiple occasions. And might not even stop when you say you've already heard it because we still don't think we've told you.
- We can wear heels in rain, sun, or shine. And also open toes in the midst of winter.
- We can sure lay on that hairspray.
- We can wait to for someone to let us over into the other lane, without turning our blinker on, and then complain when no one makes space for us.
- We make random sudden stops at some yellow lights.
- We have a hard time accepting gifts from other people sometimes, we would just rather be the givers.
- We both wear boot straps (but probably not the kind you've heard of) inside our boots because those jeans wrinkling up at your knees is just too much.
- We would both rather cook snack and party foods than a real meal.
- We both love pizza. Like, love love love pizza.
- We can ask you the same question that you already answered 5 minutes earlier. (Ryan loves it when this happens).
- We're both fighters and we can get through anything.



  1. Such a sweet post! Loving that pic of you & your mom - you both look gorgeous - and so do those flowers :)
    The Other Side of Gray 

  2. Very sweet!  I remember when I was younger I fighted being like my mom, but now it's something I appreciate more than anything in the world.  

  3. What a sweet post to your mom! And I love your wedding pic (I am a huge sucker for wedding pics, I could look at them all day).

    The Tiny Heart 

  4. ok, so now I've cried and cried and cried ... I love you so very much!

  5. Happy Birthday Mom! ... and your wedding dress was gorgeous! :) You looked stunning!



  6.  Aw, well I am so glad that you liked it. And that you are reading my blog now! :)  Love you too!

  7.  Thanks, Sharon! I'm thinking about posting a bunch of my wedding pictures here soon! :)

  8. how sweet! Love this little list! You two are so pretty. 

    Happy Birthday to her!! :D

  9.  Thanks Ashley! She is one special lady!