Feb 13, 2012



...you marry into a family that owns a flower shop and you have to work late every night leading up to Valentine's and it kind of makes you appreciate that holiday less.

...you study really hard for exams, but they're still harder than you thought they would be. And then you spend all weekend anxiously awaiting your grade.

...your husband's Mammaw makes the best spagehtti and meatballs you've ever had!

...husband takes you to Pet Smart on pet adoption weekend.

...you fall in love with a sweet little furry face that likes to cuddle.

...husband buys you a puppy for a late birthday / early valentine's present.

...that little puppy steals your heart within a minute.

...you miss that little furry face all day while you're at work. Or what feels like all day but is really just all morning.

...you just know it's going to be a long day.

Happy Monday!


  1. sometimes... you feel bad for your friends that work so hard on valentine's day... you wish you could ease their pain... you realize that church is weird without them there... you wish you could see there ADORABLE puppy!!!!  lol good luck girl!! tomorrow is gonna be the last of the madness!

  2.  LOL! Thanks!! I would say that "fortunately" I got out of working tonight because I had so much homework, but I'm not sure that it was that fortunate. Except for that I got to do homework with a cute little pup beside me. That part wasn't so bad! :)  Well thank goodness it's almost over!

  3. Ohhhh - can we see pics of the puppy? SO cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  4. New follower. Read your guest post about Bear on "Two Smuppies"
    My fiance and I also got our 2nd dog from a Petsmart adoptahon.