Feb 11, 2012

sweet song saturday: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

sweet song saturday

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Katie reminded me about this song a little while ago. It's from the Breaking Dawn movie. I don't even know if I remember hearing it during the movie, probably because I was so wrapped up in it. It's such a beautiful song, though. It makes me think about Ryan and just how much we love each other and what a beautiful thing that is. Hope this touches you today. I guess all the Valentine's lovey-dovey-ness is still in my mind. ♥

Happy Weekend!


  1. LOVE THIS SONG... and my sister sings it well... as you can imagine she was totally wrapped up in the movie BUT that didn't keep her from learning EVERY SINGLE word of this song before the movie came out!! lol

    anyways! i'm glad you are lovey-dovey! :)

    btw, breaking dawn came out today on dvd and blu-ray!!  your timing is awesome!  :D

  2.  Haha, I didn't realize it came out today! Awesome!  Meg is definitely a die hard fan! lol  Or is it Twihard?  I forget all those fan names!

  3. Such a beautiful song! Her voice is so beautiful as well! 

  4. I l.o.v.e this song :) I too, did not remember hearing it in the movie. BUT I will have the opportunity to catch it because evan (best boyfriend ever) got me the movie for early Valentine's day (he knows how to treat a lady, haha)