Mar 15, 2012

awkward & awesome


- At work, asking someone to sign a form and having them try to tell me that they signed it on exactly March 8, 2011. Me kindly explaining that this form and the program it's for did not even exist at that time. Them responding with "well it may have had a different name at the top of the form, but it was the exact same form." Uh, no ma'am, that would make it different.
- My car not starting after work. I don't know why this is embarassing to me, but it is.
- Standing outside a restaurant and my husband telling a story and imitating our dog. Um, no one look this way please.
- The heels I wore to work yesterday. Blantently obvious that I could not walk in them, but I gave it my all.
- Seeing people you didn't want to run in to at the grocery store. We are becoming experts at intensly looking for random ingredients just to avoid eye contact.

- Calling mom for rescue and having her know exactly which aisle the cool whip is located in.
- Spending the last of my birthday money. Well, that part isn't really awesome, but the stuff I'll be getting in the mail will be!
- Bear. Bear is awesome. In the way that he cuddles, plays, reaches up to 'shake' as soons as you ask him to sit, runs with Ryan, licks my neck and ears when I hold him, and even the way he manages to sneek up the bed and steal a spot on my pillow. Oh and I'm sure he thinks it's awesome that he is spoiled rotten.
- Hitting over 100 followers. Yay for you people! :)


  1. Congrats on getting 100 followers, Jessica!

    I hate when I run into people I don't want to see. Usually it involves people I went to HS with, but luckily that only happens occasionally when I'm visiting my parents.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. sharks steals a spot on my pillow all the time!!!
    xx jes

  3. YAY! 100 followers!!! I hate running into people I don't want to see. Which is on the plus side on my why I want to move away list, hahaha.

    xo kay

  4. Thank God for Mom's. And thank God for Cool Whip!

    Congrats on the followers! I know that must feel good!!

    Meg ;)

  5. Congrats on reaching 100!! That is so exciting. I hate awkward moments bumping in to people you don't want to see and then going through all the awkward motions. Bear sounds adorable :]

  6. Yay for giving your all on those heels!

  7. Just came across your blog :) love it!! Please come check mine out some time :D

  8. Yay lady congratulations on your 100+ followers! That's so awesome! And my sweet Maddy does the paw thing for a shake too. And the pillow stealing thing. And the snuggling thing (for some reason she prefers the boyfriend even though I'M the one who feeds and cleans her!).

  9. Congrats on your 100+ followers -- loving your blog! Oh and I too have become oh so good at avoiding people I don't want to see (isn't it always inevitable that you'll see them anyway?) xo

  10. oh jess, you know by the time he's grown Bear will completely knock you off your spot of the bed introducing you to your new spot, the floor. LOL, i just can't quite picturing him doing these cute puppy things when he gets bigger, I CAN'T WAIT!! he's gonna be the best dog ever!! congrats on your over 100 followers btw!! i'm uber excited for you!! :D

  11. Beautiful blog and posts! Would you like us to be friends and follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  12. Too funny - I would have loved to see your hubs imitating bear :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. you're awkwards are hilarious-especially the last one (so true)!

  14. Aren't moms the greatest? I call mine all the time for help. It makes me sad for girls who don't have a good relationship with their mom.