Mar 5, 2012

meet the girl behind the blog: The Happy Hour

You guys, today we are lucky because we have here Meg from The Happy Hour to participate in a little Q&A. I love reading blogs like Meg's because you get a sense of real life, and you just know she's a sweet, funny, down-to-earth girl. If you head over to check out her blog you can read about her & her hubby, their pretty red vespa, and they will have you drooling over all the yummy foods they eat.

How did you name your blog, The Happy Hour?
when your last name is ham, ham with just one m that is, you just can't take yourself seriously! while, i don't drink alcohol i thought it would be a quite the oxymoron to name it "the happy hour, get HAMmered with mr. & mrs. HAM". is it possible to get drunk off reading a blog? i, myself, can name a few blogs i've shamelessly read till you don't see that "older" button at the bottom of the page anymore... i suppose it's the good kind of drunk! hopefully, you'll want to do that with our blog ::winks::

You have incredible style girl! What’s your source of inspiration?
well, thank you very much! this changes all-the-time. right this instant i'd say my favorite thing are my bright red minnie pants from jcrew. maybe because they run huge so i'm a size 4 in them. i think the last time i bought a size 4 was in middle school, no joke.  everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, should go buy a pair and go down 2 sizes from what you regularly are. that'll make your day! it's clearly making mine each time i slip them on!

On your blog you’ve shared some about being a dental hygienist. How did you decide to pursue that career?
while living in haiti at the age of 18 years old i quickly learned that getting an education was invaluable. i helped a team of dentists who were volunteering in my village set appointments up and also helped assist them while doing dentistry. i loved that they were able to serve others while doing what they did for a living. i came home and enrolled myself in the necessary classes to become a dental hygienist. i wouldn’t change my career for the world! 

What is a typical weekend like for you and Mr. Ham?
lets just paint the perfect picture here. sleep in till about 8:30, tanner would make a sinful calorie breakfast (usually he makes waffles) while lounging in our pjs and singing while we do so in the kitchen. i can’t quite put my finger on what adventure we’d do for the day, but something fun, possibly packing a lunch on our vespa and head down to the harbor to watch boats or sit on the beach. as long as we spend the day together and eat good food, we’re happy! 

we hope you stop by
with love,

When Meg agreed to do the Q&A session I pretty much did a happy dance because I knew you all would love her too! So don't forget to check out her blog and leave her some comment love! P.S. There's a giveaway over there today!


  1. Omg how adorable is she! So beautiful and also so interested. Thanks for sharing love!

    Alexandra ♥

  2. meg seems so wonderful! i am definitely going to check out her blog :0) and i also love yours too! ha - i stumbled here and i can't wait to see more from the both of you x


  3. Aw, thanks girlie! Meg is definitely so sweet, and I'm glad you love my blog! :)

  4. She and her hubby are so darling together...look like models!  I love the Happy Hour, it's a fun blog...thanks for the interview, it's great to read more about Meg.

    <3 Cambria

  5. Thanks for sharing! She seems so stylish and put together! I want her to dress me every day :)

  6. Meg is so cute :) I've started reading her blog lately and I love it! But, don't forget I love yours too.

  7. you guys all rock! hopefully we can all become friends!

    thanks jess!