Apr 5, 2012

a & a


- Working on a group project, needing a calculator, and not having one.  "Oh, I'll just sit here while you guys do all the work."
- Forgetting to wear our school colors to class the day after we won the championship.  At least there were a few others like me, but mostly, campus was blue.
- Taking your dog with you to the Red Box machine and having people glare at you like, "you can't take that thing in the grocery store!"  Um, well, I'm not.  But thanks for the glare.
- The disaster state that my house is in.  I promise we're actually clean people, the house just kind of looks like a tornado hit, or maybe worse.
- Trying to take pictures of different parts of campus with my iphone.  And trying to pretend people aren't looking at me weird.

- Having your school win the NCAA basketball championship for the first time since you were 8 years old.
- Making things for a friends birthday gift (well, now she knows).
- Looking back through an old journal and finding lots of inspiration.  I was incredibly happy at that time!  Coincidence that it was when I was highly active in getting fit?  Probably not.  Time to get this hiney back in shape!
- Instagram is now available for Androids.  Now all I have to do is convince hubby to get it.  Anyone want to encourage him?  I'll read him your comments.
- Taking graduation photos for a friend of mine.  Gah, I forgot how much I missed photography this winter!
-This image from Delightfully Tackey makes me so glad for summer!


  1. I didn't even make it to class day after NCAA. I was still to PUMPED from the night before and was pepping at the pep rally. I only wish I was at work to flaunt it to Mrs. Tennessee :)

    And, I need to get in shape to. Zumba where you at?

    UK won the National Championship! That's one big LOAD of awesome!

  2. i love taking pictures of people without them knowing, its my favorite. hahaha.


  3. ha ha. what a cute a&a this time. love it! and I LOVE the video below... it never gets old! xo

  4. I didn't know you went to Kentucky! Congrats on the win - SO exciting! The pup is looking cuter than ever...Happy Friday :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. My school (UMD) won the championship while I was in college and it was AWESOME. The main highway was shut down and filled with thousands of students in the street. :) And tell your hubby to get Instagram...I just got it for my Droid! Have a great weekend dear!

    The Tiny Heart