Apr 30, 2012

April recap + award time

Hello! If you are traveling over here to my blog from Roots, Wings, and Other Things I am so excited to have you! I feel so honored that Daryl gave me the Featured Favorite Award. I was doing the happy dance after she asked me to participate. If you are one of my readers, go on over to Daryl's blog and check out my post for today! Daryl gave me the Featured Favorite award and you can even seen one of my wedding photos (it's like a sneak peek for what's to come). AND, Daryl has the sweetest blog with lots of adventure and the most amazing love story, you can start with reading part one here.

Since we may have some new readers here today, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of the month of April.

You can see my April style posts here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

This metallic horse DIY project was really easy. Now I'm left wanting to paint everything in gold metallic paint!

I shared pictures of our little guy, Bear, growing up. It seems like he grows every single day. He has been a part of our little family for 11 weeks now, but I can't really remember what it was like without him! He's now 5 months old and weighs 23lbs.

I rambled about having college brain and all the things I've been forgetting or losing due to all the things swarming around in my brain.

Sharing my life through iPhone photos and connecting with other bloggers through instagram has been a lot of fun. Find me: @mrsjesstingle

And of course I recently posted my college graduation photo session taken by Mackenzie.
jessica chronicled graduation
jessica chronicled graduation

Oh, and I have a sponsor spotlight post coming up later today so make sure you come back and check it out! :)


  1. I am traveling over here from Roots, Wings and Other Things and I so appreciate this recap post. It's a really great idea and it's awesome to have found your blog.

  2. I've been following you for a month now I guess...still, love all of those photos :) Can't wait to see what May brings :)

  3. You are TOO cute! Love your little pup!

  4. Just found you through Daryl. You are a doll! :) This little recap was perfect.

  5. I seriously love each and every outfit post this month! And Bear just melted my soul a little, could he be any cuter?! And for real, your college grad photos are tooo freaking cute! And I almost went to UK for law school (still a little sad that I didn't-I loved Lexington!) Xo Lori

  6. Just found you through Daryl who is actually doing a guest post on my blog today too :) Adorable blog lady! Now following!! And congrats on graduating. I'll be graduating next year and I can't wait. Those pictures were such an amazing idea!! And congrats on being a newlywed. I got married one month after you :)
    Oh and I will be back for pictures of that cute little puppy!!!
    Can't wait to read more.
    Have a great day xo
    Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees

  7. LOVED your graduation pictures. So adorable and creative! And I love your April style post, the first one. SO classy. xoxo

  8. awosme graduation pictures haha :D you´re awosme!

  9. Loving all your style photos and of course the graduation shots! You go, pretty little lady!!! Whoo-hoo!!

  10. Congrats on your lovely feature...and congrats on GRADUATION!!! I'm so amazed and excited for you...what an awesome accomplishment :)

    <3 Cambria

  11. Such awesome pics. Can't wait to check out Daryl's blog.

  12. Jessica, I LOVE your blog! Congrats on graduation... Such a nice feeling but definitely bittersweet, I remember! Love the variety of your posts.. I will most definitely be keeping up with your blog and am so glad you stumbled upon it. Also loved your awesome sponsors! Thanks for sharing :)

    It's an Easy Life