Apr 26, 2012

awkward & awesome


- Trying to snap a picture of an empty classroom with my iphone only to have someone walk in which resulted in me scurrying to my desk and pretending to text.
- The amount of whispering going on at work and I'm not included. Not fun, guys, not fun.
- Being so excited to order some McBites (like, craving them) only to discover they don't have them anymore. In which case I drove off with no food. No Bites? No nothing.
- Walking. And then tripping. Over, nothing. But I looked back on the ground like "what was that?" just so everyone would know, I'm not just prone to stumbling over nothing. Ha!
- I burnt my thumb cooking s'mores in the microwave because the plate was hot. Lame, I know.


- One week from now I will be taking my last college exam ever. I can't even imagine the weight that's going to be lifted off my shoulders.
- Scoring a huge box of magazines from a friend at work because I told her about how I cut them up for my collage book.
- I've been feeling incredibly inspired lately. I don't know what it is but I love it.
- This week is Dead Week. We still have classes but no homework assignments allowed thank you very much!
- We got Bear some cookie treats. I think I like giving them to him more than he likes receiving them just because I think they are so cute.
- Finding some new awesome stores this week with my girlies!
- 9 days til' graduation.


  1. congratulations on graduating in 9 days!
    i love giving shark treats to. but i know for a fact he loves them more than i love giving them to him :)

  2. that first awkward?? STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!

  3. Whispering is NOT cool!! And what? No more McBites? Those scoundrels!! The first time I actually liked something at McDonald's and they take it away. Boo!
    Congrats on almost being done with school! High-five!
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  4. No more McBites? Phooey, I never even got to try them! I used to have dog treats that looked like cookies but then Oliver got a little pudgy so now he just gets carrots :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Haha, yeah! That's one of my fears! :)

  5. I totally hate when I'm trying to secretly snap a genius/creative picture via instagram and someone walks in and awkwards the moment up. I sometimes sit and glare at them thinking, "I could be editing a pretty cool picture if it weren't for you buddy."

  6. burning your thumb over smores is well worth it in my book. yum!! :)
    xo TJ

  7. lovely blog and awsome post, your newest follwer here! :)

  8. Yay for graduation :)

    & like TJ said, burning your thumb over smores is worth every ounce of pain you experienced...I think...

    ...I love smores.

  9. you two are adorable!

    and only 9 days until graduation - you must be excited!

  10. Can I just say how jealous I am that you're in the middle of dead WEEK? I am currently on my dead DAY. And it's almost over.

  11. haha may I ask why you were taking a picture of an empty classroom in the first place? AH, it's the most embarrassing thing ever tripping over nothing. Happens all the time.

    Glad you're feeling inspired lately! That may one of the best feelings.

    1. Haha, the lighting in that room was just awesome and it's one of my favorite classrooms because I think it's gorgeous. You can see it here although it looks better on instagram than on the web...


  12. congrats on graduating! i remember feeling like i could conquer the world after i was done! good luck on whatever you wish to pursue afterwards!!