May 17, 2012

awkward & awesomeee


- Going to the grocery after attending a wedding and someone asking us if we had been down to the prom yet. Yes, four years ago.
- Being trained on a new job and the ever awkward eyes over your shoulder.
- We used to have Mr. and Mrs. pillow set. Now it is only Mr. because I came home to a shredded pillow and a puppy in trouble.
- Dog Walks, not the action, but the designated areas. Watch where you step.
- Dog hair. On my clothes, my couch, in my car. Well, we're dog owners, what did you expect?

- Bear is getting all his big boy teeth and now weighs 30lbs! My little guy is not so little anymore. (okay, in some ways that is not awesome, but I love watching him grow)
- We purchased a new quilt for the bed and I'm completely smitten with it. Oh and husband is too, which is extra brownie points for me.
- My sissy in law made cake balls that tasted like dreamcicle. YUM.
- The amoung of house cleaning that happened last week.
- Dreaming up DIY projects.
- Dreaming up blog posts.
- Having actual free time now.
- Husband. Enough said.


  1. It's always a plus when the husband likes the new bedding...I've yet to buy anything he didn't like for our bed...waiting though, for the moment I do, haha

    And that whole prom thing, that's funny...who goes to the grocery story on their to prom or after prom?

    1. Yeah, he liked our previous one at first but it was a duvet and those get a little annoying after a while know. :)

  2. ok, just found your blog and love it! you and your style are soo cute!

  3. Aww, I'm sorry about your pillows. Oliver destroyed all of the throw pillows on our couch and now we no longer have any on there. I can also relate to the dog hair! I always need a lint roller with me.

    How big is Bear supposed to get? He now weighs as much as Oliver!

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    1. Me too! I have a lint roller at home, at work, in the car, etc, haha. And, we aren't really sure how big he is supposed to get because he is a lab shepherd mix, so we really don't know. They said he is in the 30-60 range, but he's already 30lbs so I think he probably still has at least 10 more to gain.

  4. You know it's been a good week when house cleaning makes it into the awesome category!

  5. I totally know what you mean about the extra brownie points!
    I just made a doily banner thing and I totally thought Mr was gonna hate it!
    But he loved it. And I got like 10 billion brownie points!!


  6. hooray for dreaming! haha, i loved the first awkward's ok, robert & i get asked things like that ALL. THE. TIME. sometimes, at work, dagmar, a 65 year-old woman i work with makes customers guess my age. they usually estimate 17. i'm like, well, six years ago! haha! it's a compliment though! choose to take it that way, babe. you're beautiful and youthful! xo.

  7. Mmm cake pops! Glad you are enjoying your free time :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I'm crazy about how you styled that bow necktie!