Jul 26, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday (YAY!)

jessica chronicled

- Not changing the polish color on my toes for like weeks.
- The number of times I have attempted to use my car key to unlock the basement door at my work.
- All the fast food hubby and I have been eating as we pack away all our dishes and cooking things. So much for that healthy/fitness kick I was on.
- Passive aggressive people. really>
- Co-workers. I mean there is almost always some level of awkwardness there, right?
- Thinking I could pack up most of my clothes and survive on a small closet for 30 days. Um, hello being late to work everyday because I don't know what to wear.
- The fact that I same I'm late to work but I'm really not, just more late than I want to be because I like to get there early. It's really weird, I know.

- Hubby and I are off work the next few days (it was supposed to be a vacation, but we're working on packing up our house).
- Getting my haircut. It feels so refreshed.
- Lots of plans with friends we don't see as much anymore.
- Talking with your BFF about having babies that grow up and fall in love.
- Julianne Hough's hair. I definitely wish mine was long again.
- Picking out paint for our new house. I think I got weak in the knees when hubby brought me over yellow + gray paint chips. We're such a good match.
- Jane by Design. If you haven't watched it yet, start now. It's a show full of cute boys, good fashion, and awkwardness (which of course makes it awesome).


  1. I like these posts. You look so pretty in the photo, too!

    XO Krystin

  2. Love the list here! You sound adorable! Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog!
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  3. Your hair is pretty, I love the color!
    And I used to be 'late' like that to work too... I was still early but not early enough for me! :)

  4. gorgeous picture! lovely lists. happy friday! xoxo

  5. gorgeous! love the hair cut and i wish you were off on a vacation rather than packing up your house. bummer about that

  6. i always love thursdays on jessica chronicled! you're too funny. seriously AWESOME feeling getting your hair cut...i got mine cut today and PHEW what a relief. it's been a solid year. also, you look extra cute in that photo.