Jul 10, 2012

can we have a heart to heart?

I'd like to pretend that you didn't even notice my mini bloggy vacation? That might be slightly unrealistic though. The truth is, it was much needed and I didn't even expect it. My life has been full of huge amounts of stress lately. I've done my best to deal with. I prayed about it. I definitely lost sleep over it. And finally, I feel like I'm over it.

It seems like life never lets one thing go wrong at a time. It's either pretty calm, or the eye of the storm. The past two weeks have been filled with so many battles, and taking on any one of them at one time would have been a struggle, but doable. However, dealing with it all at once was overwhelming.

Sometimes I tell myself that I'm just complaining about nonsense. There are definitely people that have gone through worse situations than I ever have. But then I remind myself that every battle has a purpose and just because my battle may seem like a blessing compared to someone else, it doesn't mean it isn't one of my biggest battles. Everyone is meant to go through different things that mold them into the person they are supposed to be and guide them along their path. I've been feeling the weight of the world but I finally feel like the weight is being lifted. God is lifting it from me, taking it into His hands, and making everything okay.

The exciting part is we are house hunting now. If only someone would cast us to be on Property Virgins with Sandra, it would be a dream. We looked at a house with velvet damask wallpaper in the bathroom. Loved it. Maybe that's the one.


  1. sorry things got hard; they'll be better from now on!

  2. I just found your blog and have no idea what your battles are.... but if I've learned one thing, it's "life is 5% what happens to you, and 95% how you react to it" - so keep you head high and control what you can :)


  3. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so stressful for you, Jessica. I'm glad to hear the weight is beginning to lift and that you're looking for a house!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. praying for you girly! isn't it wonderful when you are at peace with a situation though? i love that feeling! it's not so much that i don't care, but that i'm not letting the situation control me anymore! God is the only way i could ever have that kind of peace because He lets me know that He sees the big picture! love you! and i'm so glad you let us have this heart to heart!!


  5. Sorry that you are going through stuff.. I know the feeling! I'm also house hunting and it's SUPER stressful. Love the comment about the velvet damask wallpaper.. my grandma has that up in her bathroom still. Oh the poor person who gets her house when she's done with it, a complete 70's time warp with RED shag carpeting! HAHA :)

    Good luck!