Jul 11, 2012

DIY Lace Embellished Journal

DIY lace applique journal 01

I keep a journal especially for ideas about DIYs, fashion, and blog posts. It really helps on those nights when I can't fall asleep because of all the thoughts running through my mind. It's also good for killing time during lunch breaks. And of course, being organized could pretty much never be a bad thing.

I bought a journal at TJMaxx because the fabric reminded me of burlap with a typewriter font. I loved it for a while, but eventually I decided it was lacking something. I contemplated it for weeks and then when I was browsing through my wedding board on Pinterest, I remembered what an amazing combination burlap and lace can be. So that settled it.

This DIY project is very simple. I embellished my journal with a lace applique, but there are so many more options for embellishing I'm sure this could inspire you for many more ideas such as fabric, quilted pieces, glitter, paper, or little cardboard scrapbooking letters.

DIY lace applique journal 02

The only supplies you need are:
-the journal
-a lace applique (proportionate to your journal)
-mod podge
-a sponge brush
-a heavy object such as a book

1. Move the lace applique around on your journal to get an idea of where you want it. 2. Use the sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the large areas of the lace applique. 3. Place the applique on the journal and press it down with your fingers. 4. Lift the edges and pieces of thin lace, apply Mod Podge to the journal in those areas. Don't worry, you won't be able to see it when it dries. 5. Place the heavy object on top of the journal so that pressure is applied while the Mod Podge dries. Leave it for at least an hour.

DIY lace applique journal 04
DIY lace applique journal 05

Now the cover of my journal is a little more inspiring when I pull it out to scribble down some thoughts. Hope you feel inspired, too.


  1. This is so pretty. The journal to begin with is gorgeous.


  2. such a cute idea! such a simple little diy with such a great change. i love your hardwood floors - they remind me of the ones in my old house:D

  3. That journal looks so much better with the added lace. Probably most things look better with a little added lace :)

  4. it's so darling! in fact, i'd say it's perfect. and i MUST know where that magnificent purse is from! pleaseeee tell me.

  5. Such a cute idea! And your bow purse is also pretty adorable :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Great simple way to spice it up. Love that!

  7. Love this!!! Now you have me brainstorming :)

  8. this is so pretty! I keep a journal too but now I need to make it cute!

  9. Pretty! Please check: emily-sunshine-girl.blogspot.com