Jan 31, 2012

motion picture

You guys.
I figured out how to make one of these.
Go here if you're as clueless as I was.
It's easy peasy.
Expect to see a lot more.

Jan 29, 2012

scripture sunday - get in the word

via lesapea

I've been a little busy this weekend with homework and painting another room in our house, so I'm short on words today! I know! My second scripture sunday post and I'm already slacking. Homework kind of justifies that though, I explain to anyone that I can't do something because of homework and it automatically becomes okay. I wish it worked that way with everything.

Because I'm short on words I thought I would direct you all in the way of Mackenzie's post about getting in God's word and how we tend to struggle with that a lot. To be completely honest, I fall out of reading it a lot whenever school is heavy in session. I make up excuses, but really, none of them are good enough. It's not about whether I have enough time or not, it's about whether I have enough time for the things I want to do. And a lot of times, those things are selfish things or things that are just completely unproductive.

And I recently discovered that when I went back through my Bible and found places that I had highlighted or underlined things, I felt good about that because it was like proof that I had been really dedicated once. I think it fed to my creative self that highlighter marks and notes make it look pretty. But that shouldn't be what it's about. Yes highlighting and marking is important because it helps us remember different things or draws our attention to certain things, but if we never go back to reflect on it, what was the point?

So after reading Mackenzie's post I've decided to try and be more dedicated to reading my Bible everyday. And I'm hoping that we can encourage each other.

Jan 28, 2012

sweet songs saturday: This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli covered by Mackenzie Phillips

sweet song saturday

This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli covered by Mackenzie Phillips

This is Francesca Battistelli's song called 'This is the Stuff' and one of my best friends and blogger friends, Mackenzie did a cover for it. I think it's so amazing how much her voice sounds like Francesca's in this song, she did an amazing job and I wanted to share it with you all. The lyrics are a great reminder that whenever we let the little things start getting to us, we just need to remember how many blessings we have been given and just how big our God is.

Jan 27, 2012

confessions on friday

2012 01 05c

1. I'm just now uploading our wedding pictures to Facebook for our family to see. And I've yet to send out all of our thank you notes. We got married on July 30.

2. I've had Mountain Dew for breakfast like the past three days. This. has. got. to. stop.

3. I've always known I was a procrastinator. But I've really been blown away by just how much I procrastinate doing work for my online class this semester.

4. I'm ready to be graduated already. But you probably already knew that.

5. Tomorrow (Saturday) I plan on sleeping in for the first morning in a while. And I plan on absolutely loving it.

6. I always dread the end of the month because it means all of our bills are about to come due. Why do they do that? That's a horrible way to start off the month!

7. I've been doing lots of research on how to start a business so I can kick it into gear after graduation. Feel free to happy dance with me.

8. I basically wish I had enough money to buy absolutely everything from ModCloth. They're clothes are so dreamy. And I recently have a new found love with their apartment section, too.

9. I've been wanting to start a collection like Mackenzie's owl collection. But I can't decide what to collect.

10. I've still yet to give two of our Christmas presents to friends. I'm a bad friend. It's embarrassing.

11. I've been trying to make a birthday list of 22 before 23 because my big day is coming up, but I can't even think what I want to accomplish this year. I've been having this fly with the wind feeling lately and for once in my life I'm hating making plans.

12. I bought some bright blue jeans and I've yet to wear them yet. The anticipation is killing me.

Jan 26, 2012

awkward & awesome

awkward and awesome 1/26

- Public restrooms and me wearing tights.
-Situations that convince you it's appropriate to hug someone you don't know very well. And the fact that I always feel the need to 'say' something in that situation. It never helps.
- Almost driving off from the drive thru window without my drink and the lady screaming at me to "wait!" Oh the silly embarrassment.
- A guy with extremely hairy legs raising it pants leg all the way up past his knee to itch a scratch. Must have been desperate.
- The way I've been driving this week. Really, I should apologize to people. Actually I usually do, but obviously, they never hear me.

- The fact that Princess Diaries 1 & 2 came on ABC Family Saturday morning. It was good watching old favorites again.
- The major cleaning mode I've been in lately.
- American Idol and people (like me) that only think they can sing well.
- BOGO at Penn Station. Husband loves it.
- When technology doesn't work for my professors and they let class out early.
- Jane By Design. And the way they just left me hanging on Tuesday! Is that Nick's girlfriend??? I'm crossing my fingers it's his sister.
- All of the awesome sponsor/button swaps I've been doing with other lovely bloggers! Make sure you check out that right sidebar and head over to their blogs!

Jan 25, 2012

The Wednesday Weekly - Ed. 2

The Wednesday Weekly

Casey shared a letter to her younger self. I love it when she shares her beautiful heart with all of us.

Eeeep! I'm loving reading every bit of Daryl & Steven's love story and this one is so emotional!

I loved Annie's layers with her fur vest, and the fact that she said all her bloggy dreams are coming true!

Whitney's dad's glasses from the 1970s are so cute on her! I want a pair!

You guys, Kendi announced that Bloom is going to be opening up online. I think I will probably purchase everything.

This post from the Wonderfully Made blog was very inspiring about having both style and God in your life and how to balance.

And Brittany's yummy cupcake could definitely cheer me up anytime.

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway to the weekend.

Jan 24, 2012

tips for thrifting

So husband and I went on a little thrifting adventure this weekend. It was one of our quicker trips, at a thrift mall near our house. We were in and out in no time but I did manage to score not just one, but two awesome finds. So then it got me thinking, although I claim to be no expert at thrifting, maybe there are a few pointers that I can offer to thrifting newbies or even experienced thrifters if I mention something you never thought of. That being said, here goes nothing.

thrifted vintage beaded belt and wooden carrying tray

Jessica’s 4 tips for successful thrifting

1. Be prepared. This doesn’t mean that you need to know exactly what you’re looking for (although it’s great if you do) but it just means there are a couple things you need to have set in your mind before you go. First of all, know that this thrifting adventure is going to be a hunt. It’s highly unlikely that you will walk in and immediately find what you are looking for, just know that you are going to have to sort through some things. Know just how much money it is you are willing to spend. It can just be a ballpark figure, but knowing your limit will help you to eliminate things that are too pricey. Lastly, know that it’s going to be okay if you walk out of the store empty handed. No matter what you may have been lead to believe in the past, not every thrifting adventure is a success, that just happens to be the only adventures people like to post about. Be prepared to not be discouraged if you don’t find anything.

2. Keep an eye out. Like I said, you don’t have to know exactly what you are looking for, but you do know yourself and what you’re drawn to. If you like industrial pieces, make sure your eyes are constantly looking for rusted metals, big pieces, old woods. If you already have a picture of the style of things you are searching for, things will pop out against the other items and it will be so much easier for you to see the lovely treasures you’re looking for. If you’re thrifting for clothing, are you drawn to pinks, ruffles, lace, chiffon? Keep an eye out for those colors or textures. All of this will allow your eyes to skip over the things that are irrelevant to your search and help you focus on what you’re looking for.

3. Don’t waste your time. Especially in thrift stores with vendors that have set up multiple booths, don’t waste your time looking at things you care nothing about. There is no rule that says you have to check every booth, so skip over the booths with used appliances and piles of VHS tapes if those aren’t things you are looking for. Not only that, but don’t waste your time trying to make an item work to your liking. If you have to sit there and say, “Well, if this vase was only in a different color,” or “If this quilt just didn’t have this stain.” Take thirty seconds and evaluate if it is something easily fixed. If it’s not, put it back and move on, that piece isn’t right for you.

4. The rule of two. I try to keep the rule of two in my head, especially when I’m shopping on a budget (which is most of the time!). If I am shopping for thrifted clothing (I even apply this to new clothing as well) I always try to think of at least two things I could pair it with, or two outfits that could come about because of it. If I can’t, then it makes me realize I might not have that much use for it after all. If I’m shopping for housewares or things like that, I try to think of two places to put it, two ways to use it, or two ways I could repurpose it and turn it into something else. The point is, that I try not to purchase something ‘just because I like it’ because then I would have a house full of nonsense items. There is an occasion that I buy something without having a use for it yet, but you can still apply the rule of two by thinking up two reasons for why you can’t leave without it. Such as, it fits with the style of d├ęcor in the rest of my house, and it has a unique quality that I am not likely to find anywhere else.

I hope these tips were at least of some benefit to you, and that it at least gives some thrifting newbies a place to start. I used to get completely overwhelmed when going to thrift stores, but once I got the hang of it, the hang of the hunt, I started to love it.

Jan 23, 2012


This post was completely inspired by Eryka's post this past saturday.


...you just need to take a break from studying, no matter what the reason.

...you realize you've been in a house for 6 months and haven't finished unpacking (and then still do nothing about it).

...you wish it was summer so bad that you start browsing peoples Pinterest boards with summer themes just because it gives you something to look forward to.

...if you wait long enough, you will finally get that gust of motivation to really clean house.

...frozen pizzas can be just a good of meal as any.

...you can actually convince husbands to sit down and watch a chick-flick with you (as long as it has a really pretty actress like Reese Witherspoon).

...you find vintage beaded belts at thrift stores for $4.50!

...you just can't think of anything to blog about, so you make random lists like these and copy off of other peoples posts.

...you have to eat cheddar crackers for breakfast (at least they were K crisps!)

...you run out of excuses to give hubby for why you aren't going to run with him.

...family members get new puppies and you get to play and cuddle and then leave it with someone else to potty train! Ha!

...you let go of your Pinterest addiction for about 3 weeks and then all of a sudden, WHAM! It's back.

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend already. :)

Jan 22, 2012

scripture sunday - forgiveness

forgiveness, inspired by colossians 3:13

I love it whenever God is able to use one message to reach many people in different ways. My pastor gave a sermon a few Sundays ago and while I feel like I gained a lot from the entire sermon, there was one part in particular that stood out to me.

I've had some very hurtful experiences in my life and it wasn't until after I came to know Christ that I was able to forgive those people, or rather, one person in particular. I felt at peace for a while after forgiving that person. But over time, the hurt came back and I felt like I needed to forgive and forgive again. I was terrified about opening my heart back up to that person and allowing them into my life.

I told myself, "I will forgive them, but I will never forget what they did to me because I won't let them do that again."

A few Sundays ago when my pastor gave the sermon I mentioned, a new light what shed on forgiveness for me. I had been looking at it in the wrong way for a long time. This verse touched my heart...

"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13

The crazy thing is that I already had this verse highlighted in my Bible. I had read it before and thought that I had learned from it before, as well. I read it as if to say, because the Lord forgives us, we should forgive others.

But it says more than that. It says "Forgive as the Lord forgave you."

That means forgive with the same type of forgiveness that the Lord forgives you. Forgive others in the way that the Lord forgives you. Forgive others with the type of love that the Lord forgives you.

The Lord forgives us, and then He forgets what it is that we did.

I wasn't doing that when I was forgiving people. I was letting what they did to me stand in the way of truly forgiving them in the way that we are called to. Because I wasn't letting myself forget what had happened, I wasn't actually giving that person complete forgiveness. I might have liked to think that I wasn't holding a grudge against them, but I was. Jesus forgives us and wipes our slate completely free and then He continues to love us just as much as if we had never done anything that needed forgiving.

So that's what I have been striving to do lately. To forgive in the way that I am forgiven. To forgive completely, wholly, and to offer love in return. If Jesus is able to forgive me for what he suffered on the cross, I most definitely need to find it in me to forgive those who have hurt me, because nothing will ever compare.

Jan 21, 2012

sweet songs saturday: Hold Me by Jamie Grace feat. Toby Mac

sweet song saturday

Hold Me by Jamie Grace feat. Toby Mac

This is actually the first time I have ever watched this video but I listen to the song all the time and it's one of my favorites. It always puts me in a good mood after I listen to it because it's so bubbly. And it's one of those songs that if I listen to it in the morning, it's in my head for the rest of the day.

Jan 20, 2012

where did my sunshine go?

Blouse: JLo at Kohl's, Jeans: Thrifted, Belt: Katie's hand-me-downs (she's the bestest friend ever)

Husband and I took these pictures two weekends ago. I wish I was there again. I can barely remember how warm it was that day. No jacket needed.

The past three days I have been bundled up with boots, jacket, scarf, gloves, and every layer I could possibly add. Oh, and my umbrella.

Dear spring, get here!
Love, me.

Jan 19, 2012

awkward & awesome


- The guy in the drive through that called me "sweetie" when he handed me my change. He was my age if not younger. Not ok.
- The guy that opened a dressing room for me and called me "ma'am." Okay, maybe that's not okay either.
- Glaring at this family across the restaurant that kept staring at me, only to realize seconds later that there is a TV right above mine & husband's booth.
- Middle aged moms that try to text while shopping in the same stores as me. Um, ma'am, you're sort of holding up traffic.
- Videos of my professor from my online class. I think she has a cold.
- My accounting class that consists of a group debate. Yeah, you heard me, we are going to debate about accounting. Woohoo!
- Going to restaurants where people you formerly went to high school with (but never really knew) are your waiter/waitress. Um, hi?
- The wind blowing my umbrella inside out about 3514656125469 times on my way to class.
- Slipping on the wet floor when I walked in. The only thing that stopped my feet from flying out from under me was the fact that they hit the bottom of the stairs and I grabbed the railing. Thankfully only one person saw me. But boy did he acknowledge the slip. "No, really I'm fine!"

- Thrifting two pairs of jeans that were on sale and scoring them both for a total price that was lower than the price of the most expensive one.
- Missing my turn because I saw a sign that said "Raising Cane's, Ahead on Right" and I was searching for it. Drive down the road to turn around and just happened to turn around right on the other side of the road from Cane's. I tell you, there is a method to my madness.
- That moment when you feel like your lips are about to crack open and bleed and then you finally find your chapstick. Priceless.
- A prompt in Sunday school where we were asked to write our own obituaries. Maybe that doesn't sound awesome, but it was definitely eye opening for me to think about what I actually want to be remembered by.
- The fact that on Monday I had NO class and NO work, a much needed break.
- Those times when I don't see husband all day and when I finally do I have so many things to say and talk to him about that dinner ends up taking over an hour because I can't eat for talking. He loves those moments too...well, I think.
- Professors that print out the slide notes for you. Thank you for saving me about $40 this semester!
- Husband fixing breakfast for dinner. And I made cinnamon toast, which he graciously thanked me for. We're so in love. Haha.
- You guys, it's almost the weekend. {does happy dance and smiles a lot}

Jan 18, 2012

The Wednesday Weekly - Ed. 1

The Wednesday Weekly

Remember when I said this new Wednesday Weekly feature would be starting? Well this is the first edition. I hope you enjoy reading about these bloggers and looking at what I see to be some of the highlights in the blogosphere this week.

Have you seen Daryl's bucket list? Not only do I love the things on her list, but I love the way she made the list with images.

Bridget always has the prettiest posts about what our iphones say we've been up to. And her little pups are so cute!

Taza and her baby bump (at 20 weeks!) are so cute. And so is little Eleanor!

I was so jealous on Friday that Danni was getting to devour this yummy strawberry croissant. Yum!

Ashely Perez wrote a beautifully inspiring post on the what pretty means.

Heather of Just Love.ly Things made the cutest addition to a DIY moccasin kit.

And Sydney's beauty essentials are all now on my wish list!

Jan 17, 2012

new weekly features


One thing I have discovered is that the more I blog, the more I write, the more I figure out what I actually want to write about. It's also been part of the journey of discovering who I am, but that's a different post entirely. For now, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have planned for the blog, some weekly features.

One of the original reasons I started writing this blog was to encourage other women in their walk in marriage, because it has always been something I have been passionate about. I realized that I haven't done as much of that as I would like to, so that's about to change. Maybe it's the fact that Valentine's is fast approaching and I'm getting the itch to string paper hearts all over our house, but it's definitely been on my heart to share more marriage related posts with you all.

This is going to be a feature post every Sunday (I know! Posting on weekends, gasp!). God's word is meant to be shared, not kept to ourselves, so I'm planning each Sunday to share some verses with you, maybe share my thoughts on them, and also hear what you have to say about it.

It's no secret that music can be life changing for some people. You hear a song come on the radio, and sometimes it just perfectly describes your current situation and the way you are feeling, now. I recently saw a friend's post on Facebook where she said, "No one writes music about real things anymore." I was so taken back, because I feel like so much of the music I listen to touches my heart every day, so I wanted to start sharing some songs and musicians that I think are just awesome.

This is going to be a new feature called The Wednesday Weekly. Kind of reminds you of a newspaper title? Good, that was my plan. There are so many inspiring and creative bloggers out here, I am always amazed at what people are writing and sharing. So, I want to help share the love and maybe introduce you to a blog you don't yet know, and also just to be encouraging to my fellow bloggers and just say, "Hey, I love what you're doing."

Happy Monday!

Jan 16, 2012

my last semester


This past week I entered into my last semester of college. It feels like it has taken me forever to get to this point, and although I know that I only have about four more months to go, I can't shake the anticipation of being finished.

The freedom is basically something I've been dreaming about. I feel like so much of my life has been put on hold because I have been waiting to graduate. I know I could never take on running my own photography business or store while still in college. I don't think I could begin the process while still in school. It would be too much. But it's the little things that I have felt held back from, too. A normal day consists of working until 5pm or being in class until 5pm, after I get home husband and I eat dinner and then I study and do homework usually until I just can't hold my eyes open anymore. And during exam weeks, I might as well lock myself in a room. During breaks when I have had only my job, I have treasured those nights that I clock out at 5pm and know that the rest of the night (or the weekend) is mine to do with as I please. Maybe that seems silly, but it's always bothered me.

So I'm looking forward to that first minute after my last exam and having this weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm not sure if I will cry or not be able to stop smiling, but I'm sure it will be an amazing feeling to be done.

But with that being said, I'm trying not to rush this last semester, no matter how much I may want to. I'm trying to slow down and savor every one of the "lasts" as they happen. I've already had my last first day of classes. It won't be too long before I will be able to say I've had my last first exam. That will be great. I keep trying to remind myself that this is never going to happen again, even if I ever came back to college in later years, it will never be the same. So I am trying to convince myself to enjoy working my hind end off for these classes because I know one day (actually one day soon) I will be able to look back and say, "I did it!"

One thing I have been sure of throughout my time in college: God has pulled me through it. I know that I would never have had the strength to endure everything I have without Him, without prayers, and without the prayers of my close friends and family. Some moments have seemed unbearable, and the semester I tried to pull 18 hours, was much more than I alone could handle. There is a song by Matthew West, called Strong Enough and it's one of those songs that actually says what my heart has been feeling so many times.

The entire song is beautiful, but the lyrics that just get me every time are these:

You must think I'm strong
To give me what I'm going through

Well, forgive me
Forgive me if I'm wrong
But this looks like more than I can do
On my own

It's such a beautiful thing to remember that He isn't going to put me through anything that He doesn't already know I am capable of. And whenever it seems like something that I can't handle, I have to remember that He doesn't expect me to handle it on my own. In fact, He doesn't want me to handle it on my own because He wants me to come to Him and be carried by Him. That's how awesome He is. He's there saying, "Child, you do not have to do this on your own! I am here. I am all the strength you need. Come to me and I can get you through this. I know you feel weak and I know you feel like you can't do this, but I can." All I ever have to do is turn it over to him completely. My strength is in Him, and He is my strength.

That is what has pulled me through each semester. That is what has kept me going every time I wanted to quit. And that is the strength I need to pull through this last semester, to pull through the final stretch.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me
2 Corinthians 12:9

Not too long ago, I wrote this post about senioritis. If you haven't read it yet, it's sort of the other half of this story and it has more encouraging scriptures. For those of you in college that might have some of the same feelings as I do, I hope that we can encourage each other to get through this and to lift each other up. If you have something on your heart today, please share it with me, you can even send me an email if you don't want to leave it in the comments. I promise to pray for each one of you.

Jan 12, 2012

color blocking or colorblocking?

I'm never sure if it's supposed to be one word or two.
Please enlighten me if you know.

Blouse: Elle via Kohl's, Vest: Francesca's, Skirt: Francesca's (Similar Skirt), Necklace: F21, Shoes: Nine West

Well today is the last day of our Style Busters challenge, I hope you all enjoyed and maybe even agreed with a lot of mine and Katie's views on trends. I have to say, color blocking was definitely the hardest one because I am still such a newbie at it. I look at girls like Kendi and these outfits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 and I am just amazed. It shows just how much of a statement solids can make.

I'm signing off the for weekend because I begin my first day of classes today. I'm finally entering into my last semester ever. I have a lot of emotions about it, excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, it's all there. See you all next week, I'll be introducing some new plans I have for features on the blog.

Until then.
Happy Weekend!

Jan 11, 2012

shoes open, toes out

Sweater: Gift, Pants: LOFT, Belt: Gift, Shoes: INC

It's not uncommon for me to be sporting open toed shoes during the midst of winter. I can still bear them in 30 degree weather with a skirt and tights. Now, 20 degrees might be going a little far. But, I can honestly say that even though people always tell me "you toes are going to freeze," I have actually never had frozen toes. Maybe cold, but never frozen. So maybe it depends on where you live and how cold your winter weather gets, but I definitely think peep toes are doable in the midst of winter. What do you think?

Don't forget to check out Katie's peep toes. And please excuse me for wearing these red shoes, yet again. Like I said, I love 'em!

Link up in the comments if you let your toes out during the winter.
style busters button

Ok, I'm done using the word toes, its gets a little awkward sounding when you repeat it alot.

Jan 10, 2012

blazers are for boys?

Blazer: F21, Tank: Wal-Mart, Jeans: Thrifted, Shoes: Candies via Kohl's (Similar Shoe)

If you know me, you know that I love all the girly goodness. That means, glitter, bows, brooches, chiffon, leopard print, and everything else stereotypical of a girly girl. But something I love almost as much is menswear for women. The loafers, suspenders, button down shirts, and what I am sporting today...the blazers.

The blazer really is a ladies blazer, but it's inspired by the boy's closet. I like that it's in a feminine shade of rosey pink and the little detail of striped silk fabric that lines the sleeves. I've seen blazers all over the blogosphere and Pinterest for the last few months, and I honestly can't get enough of them. I currently only own two but I want to add a few more to my wardrobe. Along with yesterday's dress it up or dress it down theme, the same thing applies to blazers. Pair blazers with jeans and you are looking somewhat casual, but pair it with dress slacks (yes, I still call them that) or a skirt and it's a classic dressy look.

So what is it that you love to wear from your husband, boyfriend, or dad's closet?

style busters button

OH, AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT KATIE'S BLAZER TODAY! She got that for a steal of a deal, and it is the perfect black with a little extra girly detail on the back!