Feb 28, 2012


Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: F21 Love21, Shoes: Candie's via Kohl's, Tights: Vera Wang va Kohl's, Flower: The Old White House

I love a good black, white, & yellow combination but for some reason when I put this on, it felt extra harsh and reminded me of a bumblebee. So I decided to add the blue flower for a little added color, and since it is a pastel flower, it's very spring appropriate! Then I thought about how, ironically, bees land on flowers. So basically my outfit was just one big ironic mess and I had to put that out of my mind all day. But that was rather easy considering my mind was focused on how much hubby kept making fun of me...turns out my skirt doesn't really open enough to support walking or getting in and out of cars.

Oh and please excuse the facial expressions and crazy hair. That wind was fierce.

Feb 27, 2012


Bear 2012 02 27

...it only takes a little sunshine to give me a refreshed mind.

...hubby fixes tacos twice in one week and I get spoiled with queso.

...I spend hours in F21. I think I was in the dressing room 3 times, but I mean it's two floors now, that's a lot of choices.

...hubby really doesn't want to take my outfit pictures but does anyway (see those results tomorrow).

...we watch movies that aren't supposed to be scary but still end up creeping me out. I'm a total scardeycat.

...we go to movies with friends we haven't seen in a while and love it.

...hubby hates the movie (it was a chick flick) but yet he is still talking about it at bedtime and even the next day. Hmmmm...

...we have breakfast for dinner and all I can say about that is YUM.

...(and by sometimes, I mean rarely for this one) I have an entire 'homework-free' weekend. That's real bliss.

...little Bear goes days without accidents in the house and then has one little oops because me and hubby weren't paying attention. Our fault.

...little Bear loves to play, but most of the time he just loves to cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. And I'm in love with that. And in love with the little guy.

Happy Monday!

Feb 25, 2012

sweet songs saturday: Hello World by Lady A

sweet song saturday

Hello World by Lady Antebellum

I love this song when I first heard it, but it wasn't until I saw the video that it became an all time favorite. I hope it moves you.

Feb 24, 2012

prepping for spring

Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: F21, Tights: Vera Wang via Kohl's, Shoes: Nine West

Okay, let's just cut to the chase. I'm ready for spring. I figured this outfit was a pretty good transition into spring. We've had a few warm-ish days around here. The spring colors make me feel like it's just around the corner but the tights keep my legs and tootsies warm. Next thing you know, I'll be frolicking in the fields of dead grass, singing "Spring." Please don't judge.

Feb 23, 2012

awkward & awesome

a & a 2012 02 23

- That silly wind that kept blowing my scarf in my face as I tried to walk cross campus.
- You know, when you're walking and all of a sudden the sidewalk jumps up at you and you sort of stumble over it and then look back at it like "whoa, when did that get there!" and hope that no one saw. Yeah.
- The fact that one of my co-workers has never heard of big foot.
- Also, that the same co-worker shared with us that her dad told her you can't take more than one vitamin a day. To which another co-worker replied, what were you going to take 30 on the first of the month and then not have to worry about it? Ha.
- The fact that I'm taken yet I scan my classes thinking of who I could match up with my single friends (just a wannabe match maker).
- Realizing that I wore the same cardigan to work Friday, Monday, and Thursday. Well, now you know it's my favorite. And that it's time to wash that thing.

- Hubby and I taking Bear with us through the car was for the first time. He was hilarious. And we've discovered that he loves going for rides in the car.
- Getting my hair did for the first time in a while. I love a little pampering.
- Exams are over. At least until midterm. But on the bright side, I've had all the "first exams of the semester" that I will ever have!
- Husband making peppermint cookies the night I was swamped with homework. I love that guy.
- Getting asked to take some graduation photos for one of my friends! It's going to be super fun!
- Having a puppy that likes to snuggle. I mean, really, really likes to snuggle. He couldn't have picked a better family to come in to.

Feb 22, 2012

The Wednesday Weekly - Ed. 6

The Wednesday Weekly

I loved Mary's little Sunday scenes and this wall art is gorgeous!

Ruby rocked this style with, lace + shorts + polka dot tights!

I found this yummy chocolate lover's cheesecake recipe by Brooke.

Definitely love Mackenzie's new haircut!

Sydney's walk down memory lane was so much fun! I love looking through people's old pictures!

I always love the Awkward Girls' style

I just found Stephanie's blog and seriously, could her haircut + style be any cuter?

Happy Wednesday!
We're halfway to the weekend.

Feb 21, 2012

a weekend of firsts


Bear had his first bath this weekend.
And first vet visit.
And we left him with my brother-in-law's roommate while we were eating for the first time.
And he met three different bigger dogs and got to play all rough and tough for the first time.
And he was around a lot of people eating a lot of food (Sunday lunch!) for the first time.
And he played with a 2 year old for the first time.

It was a big weekend. I'm going to be a mess with children if I was this bad with all of his little firsts. Leaving him with my brother-in-law's roommate was like dropping a child of at daycare and hoping that the people treat him right. When we came back, he was snuggled up with the guy on his couch. I had to laugh.

Feb 20, 2012

cobalt + polka dot

Blouse: Questhaven, Pants: TJMaxx, Shoes: INC

It feels like forever since I've done a style post on the blog. And here is your first introduction to my cobalt blue pants. Notice I said first because I'm sure these beauts will be making multiple appearances. I'm pretty much smitten with them. And they stretch. A lot. I can definitely eat a three course meal in these. I'm so thrilled that colored pants are starting to pop up everywhere because they are definitely a favorite trend of mine. I'm pretty sure I want some in hot pink, red, rose, and yellow. I might be slightly obsessed. But only slightly.

Feb 19, 2012

scripture sunday - your perspective

source: Brightside Studio (you can buy this print on etsy, follow the link)

Today I'm not really focusing on any one scripture, but rather, I wanted to share something with you all that my sissy-in-law shared with me last weekend. It's kind of neat to think about your perspective on things.

(you might want to write this down)

First, think of your favorite color. Then explain why using only adjectives.
Second, think of your favorite animal. Explain why using only adjectives.
Then, think of your favorite natural occurrence (sunshine, hurricane, leaves changing color, etc.). Explain why using only adjectives.

Here are my answers.

Purple: girly, cool (color family), calming, happy
Dog: loving, playful, cuddly, loyal
Sunshine: warm, joyful, bright, hopeful

Now here's how to analyze it.

Your favorite color reflects how you see yourself.
Your favorite animal reflects how you see your spouse.
Your favorite natural occurrence reflects how you see God.

As you can, see, this made complete sense with my answers! I definitely think of myself as girly and I definitely have a shy, patient, calm, peacemaking nature. The description of a dog definitely describes my hubby, too. He is the best at making me laugh, reminding me to have fun, and cuddling. And I absolutely love the description of God. I definitely think of him as warm, joyful, hopeful, so many good things.

If you want, leave your answers in the comments section! I'd love to hear them!

Feb 17, 2012

I dare you not to fall in love


Bear, meet blog.
Blog, meet Bear.

Feb 15, 2012

The Wednesday Weekly - Ed. 5

The Wednesday Weekly

I would love to make these red velvet heart shaped donuts from One Sheepish Girl!

I love reading the Frugalista Diaries' Spring Trends and I can't wait to add some tangerine to my wardrobe.

I really love Whitney's color charts project. I would love to do this!

Doesn't Ruby Girl look so cute in her hat and wrap?!

Heather and Dana launched a new site called Fawn & Floral!

Happy Wednesday!

Feb 14, 2012

hubby, will you be my valentine?


Dear Husband,

Today is our first Valentine's together. I know it's 'just another day' but it's kind of like the one day set aside to make me remember just how much I love you. And also an excuse to put hearts all over the place and talk extra lovey dovey. But seriously, I do love you a whole lot. Everyday (or most everyday, haha) I feel like I love you more than the day before and that my heart just keeps growing because of you. You are so much nicer to me than I sometimes deserve and I don't give you enough credit for all the things you do for me.

You are
my best friend
my burglar-in-the-kitchen-checker when I hear werid noises
the best chili cook in the world (I'll only eat yours!)
bedtime warmth for my freezing toes
my jacket giver when I don't wear forget mine
my hero
the best shoulder to cry on
and also to smudge make up on when the tears come
the laughter in my life
and the song in my heart

I love that you
always ask if I unplugged my straightener because you know I'll worry later
make skinny cut homemade french fries for me and call them 'babycake fries'
act like I'm the greatest back scratcher ever
get out of bed to make sure the door is locked just because I asked you if it was
never let me get away with Pinteresting when I need to do homework
tell me not to look and you talk really loud when scary movie trailers come on TV
always want me to pick what's for dinner
love to tell me you love me (I never get tired of hearing that)

I'm so glad that God has placed you in my life, and me in yours. I can't wait for all the things we have coming in our life and marriage together, but I also love these moments here and now.

I love you always & forever.
Happy (first) Valentine's Day

And readers, you can visit mrs. dtf today and see some lovely pictures + stories. I wrote a little blurb about Ryan's proposal. Check it out!

Feb 13, 2012



...you marry into a family that owns a flower shop and you have to work late every night leading up to Valentine's and it kind of makes you appreciate that holiday less.

...you study really hard for exams, but they're still harder than you thought they would be. And then you spend all weekend anxiously awaiting your grade.

...your husband's Mammaw makes the best spagehtti and meatballs you've ever had!

...husband takes you to Pet Smart on pet adoption weekend.

...you fall in love with a sweet little furry face that likes to cuddle.

...husband buys you a puppy for a late birthday / early valentine's present.

...that little puppy steals your heart within a minute.

...you miss that little furry face all day while you're at work. Or what feels like all day but is really just all morning.

...you just know it's going to be a long day.

Happy Monday!

Feb 11, 2012

sweet song saturday: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

sweet song saturday

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Katie reminded me about this song a little while ago. It's from the Breaking Dawn movie. I don't even know if I remember hearing it during the movie, probably because I was so wrapped up in it. It's such a beautiful song, though. It makes me think about Ryan and just how much we love each other and what a beautiful thing that is. Hope this touches you today. I guess all the Valentine's lovey-dovey-ness is still in my mind. ♥

Happy Weekend!

Feb 9, 2012

like mother, like daughter

me & mom

Today is my lovely mother's birthday (even if she doesn't want anyone to know it). She's such a beautiful and inspiring woman. Ryan and I have had so much fun ever since we have been married by pointing out to each other things that I do like my mom or things that he does like his dad. I think the older I get, the more I realize how much me & her are alike.

- We can buy a 12oz. can of soda and make it last through an entire work day.
- We love to tell long-winded, detailed stories. And probably will tell them to you on multiple occasions. And might not even stop when you say you've already heard it because we still don't think we've told you.
- We can wear heels in rain, sun, or shine. And also open toes in the midst of winter.
- We can sure lay on that hairspray.
- We can wait to for someone to let us over into the other lane, without turning our blinker on, and then complain when no one makes space for us.
- We make random sudden stops at some yellow lights.
- We have a hard time accepting gifts from other people sometimes, we would just rather be the givers.
- We both wear boot straps (but probably not the kind you've heard of) inside our boots because those jeans wrinkling up at your knees is just too much.
- We would both rather cook snack and party foods than a real meal.
- We both love pizza. Like, love love love pizza.
- We can ask you the same question that you already answered 5 minutes earlier. (Ryan loves it when this happens).
- We're both fighters and we can get through anything.


Feb 8, 2012

The Wednesday Weekly - Ed. 4

The Wednesday Weekly

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Wednesday Weekly. I can't believe this is already the fouth one, because that means I have been doing this for a month now. Time flies.

Bridget's happy wall is so inspiring. I hope I can convince husband to do this with me.

I loved Brittany's eleven questions and I always adore the pictures of her fluffies.

Daryl's make-up tips for Vday were fabulous, and this can definitely be done all year round and is so pretty!

Alycia turned 23 (on 2/3!) and I found out that we share a birthday! Best day ever to be born. Clearly.

I love Christen's daily planner DIY (and her gorgeous handwriting)!

I recently found Megan's blog and I love her style!