March 30, 2012

and for today...


I'm guest posting over at Shy Scout today while Allison is away 
on a trip to Japan!  If you want to see a little pattern mixing, check it out.
Oh, and her blog is too cute, so leave her some love when she gets back!

March 28, 2012

March sponsor spotlight

This month has been amazing thanks to the bloggers that I sponsor swapped with. If you haven't already, make sure to check out their buttons in the sidebar. And while you're at it, here are some of the lovely girls and what they love about Spring!


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My favorite thing about spring is the overwhelming feeling of new opportunities and fresh starts!


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My favorite part of spring is that I no longer have to freeze during outfit photos.


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My favorite thing about spring is the clothes and the weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Its pretty much perfect!



I love the indescribable happiness I get from sunshine in the spring.



My favorite thing about spring is the sunshine. There is no greater feeling than walking out of a building after a long day of work, school, or meetings and have that perfect weather shining down on you! It's not too hot; not too cold. Just the perfect amount of sunshine. It's like a little beacon of hope! You know summer is coming...and it makes me feel like a child again :) The flowers and cute clothes help too. Ha.


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My favorite thing about spring is definitely listening to the birds sing each morning!


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My favorite thing about Spring is the new color you see everywhere. In the trees, the flowers, peoples clothes, peoples faces, I love it! And the warmth and change of season. Everything just seems to come alive again come Springtime.



My favorite part about Springtime in California is putting on a sundress and taking a drive along the coast with the boyfriend.


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opened toed shoes and bright vibrant colors? what else could a girl need?!


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My favourite thing about Spring - The weather. It's always perfect, I love to be able to wear layers so I'm actually not a huge fan of Summer - it's too hot! And it's just such a bright & cheerful season! Spring days just makes me smile.

Please go over to these girls blogs and leave them some comment love! I really appreciate them and all they do help me out! :)

March 27, 2012


I have made two shopping trips to Forever 21 (it's an hour away) in the last few months. One after Christmas and one after my birthday. Meaning I went in January and then again in March. I had to laugh at the color scheme of each of my purchases. You can definitely feel the moods I was in...


January trip. Neutrals. Romantic and frilly.


March trip. Brights. Spring fever.

March 26, 2012

life according to my iphone


twisty hair // tree blossoms


first day of spring // hubby made me breakfast for supper for a bad day


Pinterest + homework outdoors // eyelashes


reppin' the blue + white // little Bear is getting braver


where did he go??? // baby chicks


creative night // sneak peek at a DIY coming soon

March 24, 2012

the unintentional copycat


Hahaha. Remember this post?
Well who would have thought I was thinking on the same wave length
as J.Crew (now I wish I had worn glasses).
I'm either genius, psychic, or prone to crazy coincidences. You decide.

March 23, 2012

sponsor swaps for April!


I changed a few details around on my sponsorship page, so check it out and email me if you want to swap for April! Also, check out My Billie today for a guest post by me!

March 22, 2012


i'm happy about
spring being here
warm sunshine on my face
optimism that I'm about to graduate
treasuring precious moments with Ryan

i'm ready to
be over and done with school
start chasing after my dreams
define myself
face all the obstacles and challenges

i'm sad that
work has become a place I hate
friends that moved away are moving further away
I'm about to experience huge changes in life

feeling really optimistic today
full of anticipation and excitement
feeling senioritis at an all time high
so thankful for my husband

March 20, 2012

meet the girls behind the blog: Awkward Girls

One of my favorite blogs to read is Awkward Girls because I get a good dose of style + friendship + humor. That is a great combination. I was so thrilled to do a Q&A session with Lauren & Madison so that you could learn a little more about them (okay and I kind of wanted to know these answers for myself). Can you believe their taking sewing classes? No telling what kind of amazing wardrobe pieces they will be whipping up. Hope you enjoy their little session and make sure you check out their blog!

Hey Guys! We're Lauren and Madison from Awkward Girls!
We're two best friends who love fashion so we started a blog together. 
Today, Jessica asked us to answer a couple questions to help you get to know us a little better. Enjoy!

Q: Describe your style.  What are you drawn to?
Our style is really eclectic. It's a mix of vintage and trendy, feminine and masculine, romantic and edgy. It's basically just whatever we feel like wearing that day. Based on our Pinterests, we're definitely drawn to lace, pastels, and tailored looks.

Q: Do you have a style icon?
We have many! Zoey Deschanel, Alexa Chung, Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen, Audrey Hepburn, the list goes on! Anyone that dresses super chic, yet so timeless.


Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?
A: Being a part of the blogging community, we're definitely inspired by other bloggers. And Pinterest. Whenever we feel like we have nothing to wear, we just peruse Pinterest for a while for outfit ideas.

Q:What’s your favorite current trend (chambray shirts, pattern mixing, etc.)?
A: We love the trend of bright colors lately! We can wear colored jeans and a colored top without feeling like a rainbow threw up on us.


What’s the most awkward fashion moment you’ve ever had?
Awkward moment: When we meet each other on campus and we're wearing essentially the exact. same. thing.

Q: If you were forced to get rid of everything in your closet and start over, but could keep just one piece, what would it be?
A: This makes us feel like Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice. How could we ever choose!?! Just kidding, we're not THAT materialistic, we promise. Ummm probably our boots. A good, worn in pair of leather boots is hard to replace.


Q: You girls are definitely into fashion and you seem creative, are you into anything else (drawing, painting, photography, etc)?

A: Yes, definitely! You have to have a creative mind in order to write a blog, or else it wouldn't be fun! We both have been taking sewing classes and recently started making our own clothes. Madison also dabbles in drawing, and plays a mean game of tennis. Lauren has a background in art, graphic design, photography and used to dance (key word: used to). We also both love music! Lauren plays guitar and Maddie plays piano. Maybe we should start a band?

Q: What’s the best thing about writing a blog with your best friend?
A: Probably the fact that our blog wouldn't exist unless we blogged together. Not only because there's always someone to take our pictures, but because we push each other to actually blog. If we were doing it on our own, we probably would've gotten lazy and quit a lonnng time ago. Also, we're so close that we're always on the same wavelength so we never disagree on anything blog related. Oh, and it's probably like ten times more fun to blog with your best friend!

March 19, 2012

life according to my iphone


I love my dahlia brooch // blueberry muffin breakfast


Winter Jam concert // hubby


a bedazzled parking meter // the only kind of bun my hair can be


flower pin // sideview mirror


working lady heels // Lowe's light section is my favorite


hubby cooking pepperonis // pizza subs


new phone case // to church


flowers from hubby // bacon biscuit, gas station breakfast