Apr 30, 2012

April recap + award time

Hello! If you are traveling over here to my blog from Roots, Wings, and Other Things I am so excited to have you! I feel so honored that Daryl gave me the Featured Favorite Award. I was doing the happy dance after she asked me to participate. If you are one of my readers, go on over to Daryl's blog and check out my post for today! Daryl gave me the Featured Favorite award and you can even seen one of my wedding photos (it's like a sneak peek for what's to come). AND, Daryl has the sweetest blog with lots of adventure and the most amazing love story, you can start with reading part one here.

Since we may have some new readers here today, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of the month of April.

You can see my April style posts here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

This metallic horse DIY project was really easy. Now I'm left wanting to paint everything in gold metallic paint!

I shared pictures of our little guy, Bear, growing up. It seems like he grows every single day. He has been a part of our little family for 11 weeks now, but I can't really remember what it was like without him! He's now 5 months old and weighs 23lbs.

I rambled about having college brain and all the things I've been forgetting or losing due to all the things swarming around in my brain.

Sharing my life through iPhone photos and connecting with other bloggers through instagram has been a lot of fun. Find me: @mrsjesstingle

And of course I recently posted my college graduation photo session taken by Mackenzie.
jessica chronicled graduation
jessica chronicled graduation

Oh, and I have a sponsor spotlight post coming up later today so make sure you come back and check it out! :)

Apr 29, 2012

DIY Vintage Map Decoupage Letter

The DIY project I wanted to share with you all today was a lot of fun for me to create! I made it as a birthday gift for my friend Mackenzie and now I'm thinking I might make one for myself.

decoupaged map letter DIY title

Supplies: Sponge brush, Mod Podge (I used matte, but glossy would work too), paper (I chose vintage map pages, it took almost 3 small pages), and a letter of your choice. Because Mod Podge works on almost all surfaces, you could use letters made out of any material. Mine was wooden with white paint already on it and I purchased it from Micheal's craft store.

decoupaged map letter DIY supplies

decoupaged map letter DIY

decoupaged map letter DIY

1. To prep for the project, rip the papers into pieces of various sizes that can be used to cover the letter. I chose to leave one page whole so I could tear off pieces as needed when the letter was close to being covered. 2. Cover the surface of the letter with a coat of Mod Podge, apply it with the sponge brush. If you are working on a large letter, you may want to only do this in sections at a time. 3. Start placing the torn pieces of paper on the letter. Place them on the top of the letter first without folding the edges over. 4. After you have covered most of the letter, start applying Mod Podge to the sides of the letter and folding the pages around to the back. I chose to leave the back of my letter with the imperfect edges from tearing so that the handmade effect was still visible. Also, my letter came with two holes in the back so the letter could be hung on a wall. If yours has holes and you intend to use them, do not cover them with the paper. 5. After the entire surface of the letter is covered in paper, let it dry for 15-20 minutes. 6. Then apply a thin topcoat of Mod Podge all over the letter using the sponge brush. To allow the sides to dry without sticking to other surfaces, I propped my letter up with craft paint bottles, you could use anything smaller than the letter to prop it up so long as it won't damage it. 7. Allow the topcoat to dry for 15-20 minutes and then repeat with a second topcoat. 8. After the second topcoat has dried for 15-20 minutes, I checked the letter to make sure no paper was sticking out and that the entire surface was covered. This will keep it protected. 9. I let the letter dry for a few hours while we went out to dinner before wrapping as a gift just to be sure it wouldn't stick to anything else. A little extra drying time never hurts.


decoupaged map letter DIY

Apr 26, 2012

awkward & awesome


- Trying to snap a picture of an empty classroom with my iphone only to have someone walk in which resulted in me scurrying to my desk and pretending to text.
- The amount of whispering going on at work and I'm not included. Not fun, guys, not fun.
- Being so excited to order some McBites (like, craving them) only to discover they don't have them anymore. In which case I drove off with no food. No Bites? No nothing.
- Walking. And then tripping. Over, nothing. But I looked back on the ground like "what was that?" just so everyone would know, I'm not just prone to stumbling over nothing. Ha!
- I burnt my thumb cooking s'mores in the microwave because the plate was hot. Lame, I know.


- One week from now I will be taking my last college exam ever. I can't even imagine the weight that's going to be lifted off my shoulders.
- Scoring a huge box of magazines from a friend at work because I told her about how I cut them up for my collage book.
- I've been feeling incredibly inspired lately. I don't know what it is but I love it.
- This week is Dead Week. We still have classes but no homework assignments allowed thank you very much!
- We got Bear some cookie treats. I think I like giving them to him more than he likes receiving them just because I think they are so cute.
- Finding some new awesome stores this week with my girlies!
- 9 days til' graduation.

Apr 25, 2012

the (almost) college graduate

jessica chronicled graduation

This past weekend I was thrilled to death that my friend Mackenzie offered to take some graduation pictures for me. I know what you're thinking. "OH, good, you found your cap and gown!" Well, no, I borrowed the one in this picture but as of Monday night, my cap and gown have been found and all is right with the world. This session was so much fun regardless of my frantic morning searching for my own cap and gown. Mackenzie is really great at coming up with creative ideas and she took me over to the art building where she has had some classes. I have to admit I was pretty jealous. That building is complete rustic goodness. I took a few photos of Mackenzie too, but I could have shot photos near that building for hours there were so many good colors and textures.  The best part of this session was all the jumping and excited faces, it was a lot of fun thinking about how I would feel when I'm officially done (in a week and a half! woot! woot!)

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

jessica chronicled graduation

I'm so happy the official day is just around the corner. I can't wait!
xo. jessica

Apr 24, 2012

graphic print blouse

geometric blouse
ruffle clutch
blue pants
geometric blouse
Blouse: Old Navy, Pants: TJ Maxx, Belt: Target, Clutch: Vintage (my grandmother's)

I bought this shirt on a whim because it was such a good deal and I really wanted a blouse with a lot of graphic pattern. Shortly after that, I read Sydney's post and was thrilled when she mentioned adding a graphic print blouse to your wardrobe for those mornings when you're just stuck on what to wear. I completely agree, it's so easy to throw on this blouse with just about anything. Denim of course is the easiest but I've also worn it with dress pants, black capris, and this pair of blue jeans. It's really easy and I don't really have to think about getting creative with my outfit because the blouse does that for me. It's especially great when I'm late for work. Not that that happens, ever.

Apr 23, 2012

life according to my iphone

Photobucketred flower brooch

old building on campus // red flower brooch


me barely being able to hold this big boy // my "I don't want to study anymore!" face


cutie patootie // mailboxes at school


petals covering the ground // hubby's florist shirt

ruffle couch pillowsbig necklace

ruffle pillows // necklace

fire truckpuppy

visiting hubby's brother at the station // my hand holder when hubby's away

puppyhorse print blouse

he love playing in the yard // equestrian pattern

Apr 20, 2012

5 ways to wear a lace vest

2012 01 02c
over a high-low blouse + long necklace

with a skirt + a tucked in blouse

2011 11 21d
paired with a white henley tee + crochet hat

2011 11 09e
over top a button up

with a ruffle blouse (oh my word! that hair!)

This little vest has seriously been one of the best investments I've ever made. I can wear it with practically anything.
Here are some other ways I've worn it:
- Over a striped tank
- With a plaid button up
- Over a short sleeve dress
- On top of a blouse with ruffles on the shoulders
- With a baggy white shirt and jeans

Hope this gives you some inspiration! Happy Friday!