Jul 30, 2012

one year ago

jessica + ryan wedding 4
jessica + ryan wedding 2
jessica + ryan wedding 9
jessica + ryan wedding 5
jessica + ryan wedding 1
jessica + ryan wedding 3
jessica + ryan wedding 6
jessica + ryan wedding 10
jessica + ryan wedding 8
jessica + ryan wedding 7

One year ago today we said "I do" in front of our most loved friends and family. It's hard to believe that one year has gone by so fast, but I am so blessed that I've been able to share it with my best friend. Ryan and I have been celebrating our first anniversary this weekend and as we start our journey of year number two, we're making a married bucket list of things we want to do!

I love you Ryan. :)

(photography by Christy Cheek)

Jul 26, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday (YAY!)

jessica chronicled

- Not changing the polish color on my toes for like weeks.
- The number of times I have attempted to use my car key to unlock the basement door at my work.
- All the fast food hubby and I have been eating as we pack away all our dishes and cooking things. So much for that healthy/fitness kick I was on.
- Passive aggressive people. really>
- Co-workers. I mean there is almost always some level of awkwardness there, right?
- Thinking I could pack up most of my clothes and survive on a small closet for 30 days. Um, hello being late to work everyday because I don't know what to wear.
- The fact that I same I'm late to work but I'm really not, just more late than I want to be because I like to get there early. It's really weird, I know.

- Hubby and I are off work the next few days (it was supposed to be a vacation, but we're working on packing up our house).
- Getting my haircut. It feels so refreshed.
- Lots of plans with friends we don't see as much anymore.
- Talking with your BFF about having babies that grow up and fall in love.
- Julianne Hough's hair. I definitely wish mine was long again.
- Picking out paint for our new house. I think I got weak in the knees when hubby brought me over yellow + gray paint chips. We're such a good match.
- Jane by Design. If you haven't watched it yet, start now. It's a show full of cute boys, good fashion, and awkwardness (which of course makes it awesome).

Jul 25, 2012

the dream job

source: good women

I recently saw this little quote on Pinterest and the thought of it has stuck with me for days. "Your dream job does not exist. You must create it." And in the midst of all this, I've been feeling a little lost now that I started my big girl job and realize how completely un-in-love I am with it. So then I got to thinking, daydreaming, really. I started thinking about what my dream job would be if I could just create it, whatever I wanted to do (with the paycheck and number of hours during the day being no object of course).

My dream job would consist of waking up every morning to work on my blog, sharing my ideas, inspiration, and encouragement. Then it would be off to work at my brick and mortar store full of pretty clothing, repurposed furniture, and music by Christian artists. Owning my own brick and mortar has always been a part of my dream, the scary thing is I don't know how well it would go over in my small hometown (which I don't want to leave!) so that's where another part of the dream job would come into play. Owning an online store. So much of the shopping experience has moved online and I'm very partial to it myself. I'd love to be a part of a little online clothing store as well. I've followed Ruche on instagram for a while, loving all of their behind the scenes peeks and I think it would be amazing to work in an environment like that. Surrounded by other women with similar interests, being able to have a work dress code that actually fits my style, and getting to bring our pups to work! With all of that going on for the dream job on a daily basis, I'd love to do some things on the side too, such as writing fiction books and participating in creating magazine features. I'd love to be a photographer, capturing peoples memories for them. The role of a personal stylist also intrigues me, I'd love to help other women be able to redefine their style, find out what they like and what works best, and also to mentor young girls on being able to dress modestly but still feel confident. I'd also love to be a mentor for young girls in general. And of course, a fun part of the dream. I think about all the TV channels out their for specific personality types and I think it's only a matter of time before a station emerges that caters to the blogging community types, specifically fashionistas and crafters, and I think it would be absolutely amazing to be a part of something like that.

Whew, what a dream job. Like I said, time would not be a considering factor in this because there is no way there are enough hours in the day to do everything, but it's called a "dream" so that makes it okay to go a little overboard. I'm trying very hard to not let myself and my plans get in the way of whatever it is God has planned for my life. All of these things would be wonderful, but I want to know that I am where He wants me to be and that I am carrying out His will. I'm so excited to see what lies ahead, I know I wasn't given these passions for no reason, but I'm just still trying to figure out how everything is supposed to happen.

So my question to you is this. If you could do anything and everything that you wanted for your dream job, what would it be like?

Jul 23, 2012

3 tips for late night brainstorming

Something I've struggled with, over the last year especially, has been controlling all of the thoughts that start running through my mind the minute my head hits the pillow. It's like everything built up all day long and then the ideas and inspiration just come flooding in during those hours that I'm trying to catch a little sleep. Usually it's things about my to-do list for the next day, blog post ideas, DIY projects, and now lately it's been about moving and decorating our new house. It gets a little overwhelming. The hours that I'm trying to spending sleeping and resting for the next day end up being the hours that I filled with the most ambition and productivity for getting things done. Because of this madness, I came up with a few tactics for calming the storm (pun intended).

1. Get things done. I know that seems contradictory when the problem is wanting to do things at night when I'm falling asleep. However, getting all the dishes washed after dinner, doing some laundry, and checking other things off my to-do list that maybe don't require much thought actually get my productive juices flowing. This means that with those things out of the way, I can focus on working on the things that are actually on my mind when all else is done. This is a hard task for procrastinators, but I am one, so trust me when I say you can do it.

2. Unwind every day. I know it isn't practical to assume that there will never be a day that you get home late and need to go straight to bed, but on the days that you do have that time, use it to your advantage. I usually try to give myself an unwinding time before bed. This means reading blogs, browsing Pinterest, catching up on our favorite TV shows, just anything that clears my mind of all the "household chores" and "workday blues" so then I am able to feel less stressed, happier, and more creative.

3. Keep a notebook by the bed. I heard this tip about 100 times before I actually decided (or remembered) to try it. It worked like a charm. Sometimes I jot down to-do lists, sometimes ideas, sometimes just notes to myself about things to remember. Everything gets written down so I don't have to worry about forgetting it all night.

The reason I believe this process works for me is that doing all the household chores and things that need to be done get my productive juices (and even my endorphins!) flowing. Unwinding and allowing myself to have that time to do whatever I please puts me in a good mood and allows my mind to switch over to being creative (after working a job that is definitely not creative). So all my good ideas are flowing and everything is good, now I can use the time when I am most productive to my advantage. And I also get more sleep, which is never a bad thing.

Jul 20, 2012

Happy Friday


I'd like to say that I can't believe it's July 20th already, but then again I know how fast these weeks have been flying by. I'm not complaining that my work days go by fast, but sometimes I do wish I could just stop and catch my breath, at least on the weekends. Things have been so busy. We're moving in case you didn't know! There's been a whole lot of packing going on over here. And a little less cooking than we'd like, but at least we're picking out paint colors and browsing the appliance section of Lowe's for our dream appliances. The exciting thing is I actually have a full week of posts lined up for next week (time to get writing!) and hopefully then I will be back to regular posting. I'm thinking about asking for some guest posts during the week we actually move, even though I don't know the dates for sure yet. If you think you'd be interested, send me an email! jessicadtingle(at)gmail(dot)com.

Jul 17, 2012

life according to my iphone

he loves being in the sun // small town visits

red // lavender

snuggles // toes

mama and me // friends' weddings

polka dots // ripped jeans

chair sittin' // starting to pack up

Jul 12, 2012

DIY Handprinted Polka Dot Blouse

Remember this little DIY sneak peek, for those of you that follow me on instagram?

DIY polka dot blouse
DIY polka dot blouse
DIY polka dot blouse
DIY polka dot blouse
DIY polka dot blouse
DIY polka dot blouse

I saw this handprinted polka dots DIY project on Elsie's blog while back and I kept coming back to it because I wanted to polka dot something very much! I had gathered a bag of clothes to get rid of when the idea came to me that I should handprint polka dots on a piece of clothing. I found this blouse and knew I wanted to add some bright polka dots. The effect turned out just the way I wanted it to. For the DIY steps, read Elsie's post. I used a lot of q-tips for this project, and also I used newspaper to put under and in between the blouse to keep the paint from bleeding through. I used Martha Stewart all purpose craft paint in shade 32026. It took me a long time to finish this project, especially because I had to wait for certain parts to dry before I could move on. But in the end, it is so worth it.

Jul 11, 2012

DIY Lace Embellished Journal

DIY lace applique journal 01

I keep a journal especially for ideas about DIYs, fashion, and blog posts. It really helps on those nights when I can't fall asleep because of all the thoughts running through my mind. It's also good for killing time during lunch breaks. And of course, being organized could pretty much never be a bad thing.

I bought a journal at TJMaxx because the fabric reminded me of burlap with a typewriter font. I loved it for a while, but eventually I decided it was lacking something. I contemplated it for weeks and then when I was browsing through my wedding board on Pinterest, I remembered what an amazing combination burlap and lace can be. So that settled it.

This DIY project is very simple. I embellished my journal with a lace applique, but there are so many more options for embellishing I'm sure this could inspire you for many more ideas such as fabric, quilted pieces, glitter, paper, or little cardboard scrapbooking letters.

DIY lace applique journal 02

The only supplies you need are:
-the journal
-a lace applique (proportionate to your journal)
-mod podge
-a sponge brush
-a heavy object such as a book

1. Move the lace applique around on your journal to get an idea of where you want it. 2. Use the sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the large areas of the lace applique. 3. Place the applique on the journal and press it down with your fingers. 4. Lift the edges and pieces of thin lace, apply Mod Podge to the journal in those areas. Don't worry, you won't be able to see it when it dries. 5. Place the heavy object on top of the journal so that pressure is applied while the Mod Podge dries. Leave it for at least an hour.

DIY lace applique journal 04
DIY lace applique journal 05

Now the cover of my journal is a little more inspiring when I pull it out to scribble down some thoughts. Hope you feel inspired, too.

Jul 10, 2012

can we have a heart to heart?

I'd like to pretend that you didn't even notice my mini bloggy vacation? That might be slightly unrealistic though. The truth is, it was much needed and I didn't even expect it. My life has been full of huge amounts of stress lately. I've done my best to deal with. I prayed about it. I definitely lost sleep over it. And finally, I feel like I'm over it.

It seems like life never lets one thing go wrong at a time. It's either pretty calm, or the eye of the storm. The past two weeks have been filled with so many battles, and taking on any one of them at one time would have been a struggle, but doable. However, dealing with it all at once was overwhelming.

Sometimes I tell myself that I'm just complaining about nonsense. There are definitely people that have gone through worse situations than I ever have. But then I remind myself that every battle has a purpose and just because my battle may seem like a blessing compared to someone else, it doesn't mean it isn't one of my biggest battles. Everyone is meant to go through different things that mold them into the person they are supposed to be and guide them along their path. I've been feeling the weight of the world but I finally feel like the weight is being lifted. God is lifting it from me, taking it into His hands, and making everything okay.

The exciting part is we are house hunting now. If only someone would cast us to be on Property Virgins with Sandra, it would be a dream. We looked at a house with velvet damask wallpaper in the bathroom. Loved it. Maybe that's the one.