Sep 21, 2012

awkward and awesome.....friday?

- Posting an awesome and awkward on a Friday night.
- That moment at the office when your stapler leaps out of your hands and crashes on the desk, at which time you look around and notice 5 pairs of eyes staring at you like you are crazy.
- The number of times I have tried to use our house key to unlock the door at work, and my work key to unlock the door at home. It's really getting ridiculous.
- Rearranging my desk at work, which consisted of a lot of crawling on the floor, bumping my head underneath my desk, and moving a giant printer at least six times.
- You know, when you trip over the bump in the carpet that isn't really there.
- Eating a grapefruit. I've yet to figure out how to do that without getting squirted in the face at the most unsuspecting moments.
- Waking up in the middle of the night to discover that out of the three of us, the dog had the most room in the bed.
- Driver's license photos.
- Purchasing a ceiling fan for the bedroom only to discover that it's quite large and (because we also have a tall bed) it would be basically impossible for husband to climb into bed without bumping his head on the lights. Um, oops.

- Eating healthy.
- Receiving a $5 discount on a Groupon. That's two movie tickets, two large drinks, and a large popcorn for $4. Beat that.
- Bear has an awesome new collar that lights up in the dark so we can see him better when we take him out at night.
- Doing little things to get our house put together. It's a long process but every step makes me feel that much better.
- The fact that being a homeowner now means frequent trips to Lowe's just because we love looking around.
- Every time I realize that it's near the end of September and I still haven't gone back to school yet. This is crazy good.
- Working in the yard. We now have a nicely trimmed tree and grass has successfully started growing where the previous homeowners just couldn't get it going. I'm now convinced that I have a green thumb. Plants, you have been warned.
- Finding red dress pants.

Sep 10, 2012

floral + plaid

It's been over a month since we celebrated our one year anniversary but I just thought I would share a few snapshots from our anniversary weekend. Actually getting husband to pose for some pictures was an extra special treat. And his excitement over Hobby Lobby, that pretty much made my day. I love this boy.