Apr 18, 2013

Project Nesting

Husband and I bought our first home in August.  It was an exciting time and for weeks we were obsessed with settling in.  But we had no official plan for the space, only some ideas of our own mixed with some ideas of our family and friends.  We dove into everything at once.  I was painting three pieces of furniture, and not making much headway on any of it.  We were painting rooms, pulling up carpet, arranging and re-arranging furniture, and unpacking box after box.  It was completely overwhelming.  Then, as Christmas approached, we just kind of stopped.  We bought some new appliances and light fixtures, but there was yet to be one room that felt complete.  There are still boxes in several rooms that need to be unpacked, and a stack in the garage that I haven't dared to tackle yet.

It wasn't long after the overwhelmingness sank in, that I read the guest post on A Beautiful Mess called at home with Savannah Wallace.  I fell in love with the design of her room, the colors, textures, and the style.  I love how it was industrial, yet feminine, and with vintage touches.  It sparked some inspiration in me and I went to her blog to read page after page of her home decor posts.  Savannah talked about how she and her husband decided to take on just one room at a time so that each room would feel completed and they could really see the progress they were making.  She even mentioned that in their previous apartment they had tried to dabble a little bit in each room and it left her feeling like nothing was ever finished.  That really hit home for me and the overwhelming feeling of finishing every room in our house.  I decided she was right, one room at a time would be best.

My goal for this year is to finish the master bedroom, dining area, living room, den, guest bedroom, and the master bathroom which I can happily say is about 50% complete at this time.  It seems like a lot to do, but I think we can easily get it done by committing to each room.  I'm also taking things seriously and purchasing pieces that will be able to change rooms often.  I like change, and I also know that this home is not our forever home, so things need to be able to work together throughout the entire house. And we're also trying to balance our decision making between purchasing things that will be with us for a while and things that will remain with the house and increase the value of it, whenever the time comes for us to move on.

This home had only one set of owners before us and according to previous documentation, it was purchased with love.  That makes it so special and dear to my heart.  We have already changed so many things since the time we moved in.  The house is in great shape structurally but it was (and in many ways still is) in need of some cosmetic updating.  I'm currently working on a huge list of projects we've done or plan to do, and I intend to update it every so often.  I hope it can serve as some inspiration for you.  There are many projects we plan to tackle ourselves, and I have pages and pages full of DIY decor ideas to share with you.

Project Nesting is going to be a series here on the blog.  A story of our home being settled.  Creating our little nest and being oh so happy with it. I hope to have a master bathroom reveal to share with you in the near future.

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  1. Getting settled in and trying to make a house a home is overwhelming. It takes time and your taste will most likely evolve too. Excited to see your future posts on nesting. :)