Jun 28, 2013

Some Nights


Some nights call for going out and leaving all your worries at home.  Some nights call for putting all your responsibilities aside and just being together.  Some nights call for you to just live without worrying about living your life.

Ryan and I sometimes get so busy with all the things we have to do, need to do, haven't done, and want to someday do.  It gets a little overwhelming.  I feel like we have finally reached a point where we have found a good balance between getting things done and still taking time to just be together, or with family or friends, and have fun.  To live.  It's been so blissful.  This week has been hubby's 'birthday week' (that's how we do it here) so we've made sure to take some extra time out to just go do things together.  We've become superhero movie fanatics, so Man of Steel was a must-see for us last weekend.  Besides that we also managed to go out with friends, go out with both our families, and paint a lot of trim and closet shelving in our house.  That's a good enough week for me to be smiling about.

Happy Weekend.

P.S. Did I mention this hat makes me come out of my comfort zone?

Dress: similar shape // similar color
Hat: Target
Shoes: similar


  1. I want to see Man Of Steel too!

    And you look super pretty btw! :D

  2. Girl you are just too darn cute!