Jun 4, 2013

Summer Shades of Pink

 I'm so happy that warm weather is here.  And longer days make me feel like I can get much more accomplished in a day.  The sad thing is some days when Ryan and I have been going full speed updating the house, attending family functions, or running a thousand errands, I start feeling tired around 9pm.  And it's still fairly light outside at that time.  So then I feel like a granny.  But that's not always a bad thing, grannies are pretty fun.
Blouse: bar III @ Macy's // similar
Pants: IZ Byer @ Kohl's // similar
Shoes: Alfani @ Macy's
Bag: Target


  1. Found your blog via Pinterest and I am now following via Bloglovin. {BTW, I am *obsessed* with your boards. They're fabulous!} So... just wanted to say hello. I blog at Sparrow + Grace, http://www.domesticblissdiaries, if you ever want to stop by my corner of the web. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I really try to create inspirational boards, the way I would want them if they were tangible boards in my house, rather than just pinning away at random! Thanks for noticing! :) And thanks for the follow!

  2. You're adorable! Love your blog :)

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