Aug 25, 2013

A Custom Photo Thank You Card // Cardstore

card c/o Cardstore

So, my family has this thing where our pets are more like our children. When Ryan and I went on vacation, it was pretty devastating to leave Bear behind. My mom, also known as his Mimi since we have no human children yet, kept him for us while we were gone. Of course moms never let you repay them with gifts, so making a little personal card was the best thing I could get her to accept.

I ordered the card from Cardstore, which is probably going to be my new favorite card resource. They have cute cards to begin with but my favorite part about the site are the DIY photo cards. I gave my mom the 8 Square Photo Card to thank her for watching Bear while we were on vacation, and I even wrote the message as if it was from Bear himself (silly, but fun!).

I included four photos from our vacation and four photos of the pup in a fun cross and x pattern.  The card was totally customizable so I was able to choose the message on both the outside and inside of the card.  My absolute favorite feature was that I could upload pictures from places like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. which allows me to order a card from anywhere without having to upload pictures directly from my computer.  I chose to use all Instagram photos, but I think next time I will choose them a little more carefully because the Instagram filters seemed to hinder the printing quality, but it still turned out great and my mom loved it.

This post was sponsored by Cardstore but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oooooh I love that! And thank you cards are always so nice to give, especially when they're personalized.